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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to cook gbegiri soup

Gbegiri soup is a Yoruba (Western Nigerian) soup arranged with beans. All alone, it would appear that child nourishment however it wakes up when you include Ewedu Soup and meat from your Beef and Chicken Stew. 

Gbegiri Soup (the yellow one in the picture) takes a touch of getting utilized for the individuals who are not used to eating soup cooked with beans. The blend of the Gbegiri Soup, Ewedu Soup and the stew will unquestionably prod and test your tastebuds!

Elements for Gbegiri Soup 

  • 150g Black Eyed or Brown Beans
  • 1 little smoked Mackerel/Titus
  • 1 tablespoon ground crawfish
  • 1 major stock block
  • 1 cooking spoon palm oil
  • Pepper and salt (to taste)
Before you cook Gbegiri Soup 
  • Guarantee you have some Beef and Chicken Stew in light of the fact that the hamburger for the Gbegiri Soup originates from this stew.
  • Expel the beans coat and drench the beans for around 3 hours. This dousing makes the beans delicate with the goal that it cooks in less time. Along these lines there will be no compelling reason to utilize potash to cook the beans. On the off chance that you are utilizing peeled and dried beans, you should drench it overnight.
  • Get ready different fixings: pound/barrage the pepper and granulate the crawfish.

Cooking Directions 
  • Put the peeled and splashed beans into a sizeable pot. Pour water to cover the beans and begin cooking at medium warmth.
  • While the beans is cooking, set up the Ewedu Soup which is utilized to eat the Gbegiri Soup.
  • Cook the beans till they turn out to be soft to the point that it for all intents and purposes softens when you pound it with your fingers. This takes around 60 minutes. You should beat up the water every once in a while however ensure the water is dependably at an indistinguishable level from the beans. This guarantees you have quite recently the appropriate measure of water in the soup when the beans is finished.
  • Squash the delicate beans with a potato masher. You can likewise mix it with your kitchen blender for an exceptionally smooth consistency. I don't care for emptying the hot beans into my blender then emptying it once more into the pot in the wake of mixing. Furthermore, it is not commonsense to sit tight for the beans to chill off, mix it and after that keep cooking!
  • When you are content with the smoothness of the beans, include the smoked fish, salt, pepper, crawfish, stock 3D shape and palm oil.
  • Cover the pot and cook at medium warmth for around 5 minutes or till the oil mixes with whatever remains of the fixings. This is the point at which the oil changes from red to yellow.
  • Mix every once in a while so it doesn't smolder.

That is it! The Gbegiri Soup is finished.

Dish the soup with Ewedu Soup, get the meat from your Beef and Chicken Stew and eat with Amala or whatever other Nigerian fufu feast.

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