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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to cook nigeria black soup

My voyage to bring the rich collection of Nigerian soups takes me to the overall public of Edo state.You outsmart blend of herbs and vegetables to such a degree, to the point that with each nibble of the Black soup and smoking hot whole wheat devour or beat yam, you feel bolster going straight into your vein .

My beautician of various years, Pat ,shared the equation and says it is a standard on her soup list. No enormous shock she keeps up her smooth skin :). Vegetables without question help the prosperity and surface of the skin .

I ran the extra mile with this soup to do it in the real standard way, blending the veggies on the devastating stone, yes pulverizing stone! Anything for my fans:).
using smashing stone the standard way
Shockingly, I found the method speedy and consider what another errand that fortifies the arm muscle *wink.
   I review when growing up this was one of those dreaded errands, beating tomato onion and pepper. Onion and pepper were the more troublesome ones .Whilst the onion will reliably slip off the devastating stone, you also should know about the pepper stinging your hands. Well how kitchen blenders have changed cooking process.
  I understand that a vast part of us don't have beating stone or have never anytime seen one, yes your blender will be fine in blending the vegetables anyway I saw that devastating on the stone gives a substitute surface to the vegetables .With the stone I don't use water to get the vegetables all around blended. All that I did was separate them up a bit and grind. Exactly when blending you require just no water as this is not a free completed soup.
   One all the all the more thing about this soup is the by no palm oil that is used, making it totally interesting in case you are on an eating routine and need to diminish calories and fat yet in the meantime need to eat soup. I have to trust that the alongside no palm oil used is the place the Black soup gets its name from. So set up your whole wheat devour and settle down to tunnel in.Enjoy!


  • 4 pieces Snails
  • 4 pieces Beef
  • 1 medium size Smoked Fish
  • 12 pieces Smoked Shrimps
  • 4 tablespoon ground Crayfish
  • 1 cooking spoon Palm Oil
  • 1 little gathering Scent leaves( effirin)( ground, 1 cooking spoon)
  • 2 balls washed Bitter leaves ( ground, 1/2 cooking spoon)
  • 1 little gathering Uziza leaves( ground 1 cooking spoon)
  • 1 amass Ugwu (optional) ( ground, 1 cooking spoon)
  • 2 seasoning strong shapes
  • 1 tablespoon dry Pepper
  • Sliced fresh pepper for improving
  • Strategy
  • 1, Season and cook cheeseburger in some water
  • 2, Add washed snails, dry fish, shrimp,crayfish, pepper, seasoning and palm oil cook for 10 mins

cooking dull soup
  • 3,Grind or blend all herbs and vegetables into smooth consistency and add to pot of meats.Add to some degree more water if soup is too thick. The consistency should look like Ibo Egusi soup.
  • pounding vegetables for dim soup
  • 4, Stir , taste and right the enhancing and cook for 2min
  • 5, Serve hot with whole wheat supper beat yam
  • Nigerian dim soup

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