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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to make akamu, ogi or pap

Customarily handled Ogi, Akamu or Pap with the unmistakable sharp taste is an incredible accomplice to Fried Plantain, Nigerian Pancake, Akara, Fried Yam, Puff and so on. Any of these when joined with Akamu, makes an extraordinary breakfast supper. Akamu is additionally an awesome infant nourishment. 

Akamu is basic yet exceptionally hard to plan. It is a major test for many people.

In Nigeria, we more often than not add dissipated drain to Akamu suppers so the principle prerequisite is that the akamu/ogi/pap is thick after planning so that when the drain is included, an impeccable consistency will be accomplished.
  On this page, I will talk about how to set up the supper for breakfast. In the event that you are searching for how to prepare Akamu/Ogi/Pap sans preparation, visit the How to Make Akamu/Ogi/Pap from Scratch page.

What you should make Akamu/Ogi/Pap

  • Wet Corn Starch (Akamu, Ogi or Pap)
  • Water (Hot and Cold)
  • Vanished Milk (Peak Milk)
  • Sugar (to taste)

Notes on the fixings

  • In the event that you can't purchase or make Akamu without any preparation, you can utilize corn starch (corn flour) however the great harsh taste will miss.
  • Top Milk (vanished) is the best drain for akamu in light of the fact that it is rich and its remarkable taste functions admirably with the harsh taste of akamu/ogi. Entire drain, semi-skimmed or skimmed drain are not extraordinary for akamu. On the off chance that making Akamu for your infant, utilize child drain.
  • Add sugar to your taste. I have never utilized different sweeteners as a part of Akamu. For children, don't include sugar.


  • Put a few pieces of akamu/ogi/pap into a sizeable bowl. Akamu ascends amid planning so you ought to utilize a bowl sufficiently enormous to contain the dinner in its risen state. If all else fails, utilize a major bowl, with time, you will realize which amount can serenely fit is which bowl measure.
  • Utilize a tablespoon to smash the chunks of ogi into little pieces.
  • Include cool water in little amounts and blend till you have a medium consistency without any protuberances.
  • Put a pot of water to bubble. Ensure the water will be sufficient. It is ideal to bubble an excess of water than not have enough water when making akamu.
  • Just before the water bubbles, blend the blend exceptionally well since a portion of the ogi may have settled at the base of the bowl. If not mixed well, this is the real reason for bumps when you begin making it.
  • Once the water bubbles, pour it gradually however consistently in a roundabout movement into the bowl of akamu and mix in the meantime. Pouring the heated water gradually and mixing at the same is vital in light of the fact that this averts bumps.
  • When you see the blend setting, quit mixing and lessen the stream of water you are pouring till the akamu has totally set.
  • Put the pot aside and blend the pap exceptionally well. In the event that it is too thick for you, you can include more boiling hot water. Be that as it may, be watchful else it will get to be watery. Keep in mind that you will at present include fluid dissipated drain.

   Include top vanished drain and some sugar to taste and blend everything to the way you like it.
   Akamu runs well with Fried Plantain, Akara, Nigerian Moi, Nigerian Pancake, Fried Yam, Fried Potatoes, Beans Porridge, Nigerian Okpa, even Nigerian Puff and so forth.

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