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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to prepare shred meat soup

Eating at home constantly has its interest. You slip into something pleasing ,seat effectively on your dinning table and eat at your pace not considering driving home toward the end of a pleasurable experience of eating.

My annihilated cheeseburger sauce is one strategy for helping you experience this easygoing feeling meanwhile transporting yourself into the universe of a Chinese restaurant . I know various Nigerians cherish Chinese sustenance and a couple of us know the record of an Igbo dealer, kin who expecting to amazement his new sweetheart says to her that he will take her to a "Chineze" restaurant meaning a Chinese diner .

I love the mix fricasseeing of Chinese foods which when particularly dealt with keeps less oil from being held in the sustenance. Mix searing truly applies little oil with high warmth in a nutshell time to get sustenance to the table. I particularly like this for vegetable as this holds the crunchiness of vegetables

In today's dish you can truly pack in more vegetable than the meat in case this is your slant. You can in like manner switch ground sirloin sandwich for chicken or fish.

I found the predictable cheeseburger in the Nigerian market to some degree serious for this dish. I truly chose sensitive cheeseburger cuts from the shop.If you are obtaining meat from the Nigerian open business division, I will recommend to hit you ground sirloin sandwich cut with moving pin to assuage it and stop it a bit to make cutting less requesting. Guarantee it's not hardened hard as this will make cutting troublesome :)

Benefit as much as possible from your Chinese supper seating in the comfort of your home!

Nutritip: Larger parts of vegetables on the plate is one technique for diminishing carb utilization. In any case, again in case you are endeavoring to put on weight you alter increase your carb a bit and still keep awesome piece of veggies.

Recipe ( serves 4)

  • Ground sirloin sandwich Slices ( size of your palm)
  • 1 noteworthy size Green Pepper
  • Dry pepper for enhancing meat
  • 1/2 teaspoon Garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ginger powder
  • 1tablespoon Corn Flour for covering meat
  • 1 tbsp Soy sauce( optional)
  • Ground sirloin sandwich seasoning 3D square to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 cooking spoons Vegetable oil
  • 1/2 glass Water


1, Cut ground sirloin sandwich into strips, and leave to defrost well if still set.

2, Season with garlic powder, ginger, ground sirloin sandwich enhancing, salt and heave meat well in the mix.

3,Sprinkle in the flour , ensuring that the flour coats each one of the strips well. Set aside to rest for around 10 minutes,to allow the flour stick well to the meat

4, Heat up alongside no oil and cook the meat strips till splendid chestnut and set aside.

You will get extraordinary come to fruition via burning in little groups allowing each strip enough space in the frying pan

5,Pour in the onion and green pepper and cook for just 2 minutes mixing however out, this is the blend sautéing( if the oil for burning the meat is much in iron spill out before fricasseeing your vegetables)

6,Remove your veggies and set aside add soy sauce to the holder and return cheeseburger to iron , make a light paste with corn flour and water and add to the beef,stir well, taste and right enhancing and pepper level, cook for 5 minutes and corn starch will start to thicken. This makes the sauce . If your meat is exceptional you may wish to use to some degree more water and cook cheeseburger bit by bit to get it fragile.

7, Return veggies to cheeseburger pot ,blend and cook for one and only minute .

8, Serve with rice.

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