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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

yoruba food

Yoruba supports are by and large too known as sustenances by other Nigerian ethnic social affairs. Yoruba is one of the three important Nigerian ethnic get-togethers aside Hausa and Igbo.

Most yoruba supports are ordinarily a blend of different distinctive sustenance parts, it is reliably a dazzling mind boggling sight', that is the way the Yorubas get a kick out of the chance to eat, they like a mix of soups/stew/gathered meat notwithstanding eba or beat yam.

In case you have't endeavored it yet, compassionately do. What you find underneath is an ordinary yoruba food, a blend of gbegiri, ewedu and stew; gave fufu.

Yoruba Foods

In case you are an African/American yet married to a Yoruba singular, you will find this page charming.

Most Nigerians eat basically a similar course of action of sustenances. Take jollof rice or porridge yam for event, they are all the same over each Nigerian state except for the thin difference in the style of game plan and fixings used; especially for the soups. So any Yoruba individual can recognize for all intents and purposes all the steady Nigerian sustenances however if you are planning to dumbfound him with a remarkable treat then you may wanna endeavor a part of the Yoruba recipes on this page.

This is about the sustenances eaten by the Yorubas, an amazingly noticeable Nigerian genuine ethnic social occasion. Some of them are definitely not hard to prepare while a huge amount of them would require some standard cooking utensils, don't stretch, I will be here with you reliably.

Here are the names of Yoruba Soups/sustenances.



Efo Riro


Iyan – Pounded yam

There are over a hundred special foods eaten by the Yorubas so we will take them in a relentless movement. I have to talk about the astoundingly well known ewedu soup here and a while later a tiny bit on the most capable technique to make gbegiri, I essentially got some answers concerning this recipe two or three days back, it is a delightful Yoruba delicasy.

Ewedu Soup

This green soup is likely the most renowned Yoruba soup from what I have seen in the midst of most Yoruba social occasions anyway I saw that it is never served alone, supposing about whether I have tasted ewedu soup? Clearly I have or by what different means do you think I made sense of how to set this up delicacy.

I will tell you my inclusion with ewedu soup on the principal page besides why various Nigerian ethnic social occasions seem to have changed recipes that are extraordinary to them.

Thusly –> For Yoruba Ewedu Soup.

That being said, we ought to talk about another flavorful Yoruba food (soup) here – efo riro. I made this soup a few days back and it is super delightful.

Efo Riro Soup/Stew

You can in like manner make sense of how I made a flavorful plate of efo riro soup here, the standard Yoruba rich vegetable soup.

Thusly for Efo Riro Vegetable Soup

This page is absolutely about the sustenances eaten by the Yorubas and here you will get some answers concerning making gbegiri soup; an amazingly surely understood Yoruba "bean soup".

Components for making gbegiri soup.

1 mugs Beans (white or cocoa)


Onions (2 balls)


Palm oil

Seasoning (knorr strong shape, salt et cetera)

900g fish/meat – optional


Step 1

We start by ousting the seed coat; essentially trade a few beans to a dish, sprinkle an unobtrusive cluster of water and start misleading and squeezing hard, as you propel the outside coat starts wearing off. This is truly the slightest requesting beans de-covering procedure. Incorporate water, wash and strain (leaving the white split cotyledons). you should be done with this in around 10 minutes.

By then fill a pot and start cooking with essentially water and about half teaspoon of powdered potash, the potash go about as an impulse, most by far utilize potash to rush the cooking method while others evade it for prosperity or individual reasons.

Step 2

Cook for twenty to fifty minutes until it is fragile and arranged for beating. After that usage a short strong flawless sweeper to pound it till sensitive (there is every now and again a story brush kept thus, a similar that is used for ewedu soup). The clarification behind this is just to ground the adequately cooked beans to a seedless fragile pudding.

There are various procedures to making Yoruba supports, the gbegiri soup is not an exception. Some Yoruba uses a strong spoon and a plastic sifter consequently. They finish a similar end by crushing the fragile seeds against the strainer with a spoon, it is that essential for most Yoruba foods. Then again, use an electric blender! 😀

Set the squashed beans apart in a spotless dish.

Step 3

Presently a large number individuals essentially move into a pot then incorporate the authoritatively cooked meat/angle, onions, enhancing (1 knorr shape), pepper, salt, 100ml palm oil and allow it to steam for 10 minutes then a delicious pot of gbegiri soup is made, or you can take after.

Step 3B

In the wake of taking after walk 2 flawlessly, set your cooking pot on the burner, use around 10 to 15cl of palm oil, allow to warmth then incorporate cut onions, pulverized beans, pepper, other enhancing of choice (a state of knorr or maggi), iru (grasshopper bean), salt to taste, allow to cook for five minutes and you just made a brilliant pot of gbegiri soup, one of my most cherished Yoruba soup.

You can serve gbegiri with amala, fufu or eba.

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