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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Airtel Awoof subscription codes you never knew about.

Airtel cheapest subscription and This Airtel 6GB for 1,500 naira
subscription works for both Chrome, Mozilla and any phone browser. It
works on computer devices, and it last
for 30days which is equally a month. Airtel 2017 cheap subscription
This 500 naira Airtel subscription gives you 1.5GB which last for
14days which is equivalently 2weeks
after which it will expire if you can't
finish it. This subscription works on all
browser including Google play store
and your computer. Airtel 100 naira subscription codes This
subscription is night plan sub which gives you 500MB for for
just 25naira. and it last from 12am-5am this is normally good when
you have large files to download or
you want to brows all through the
night . To subscribe dial *312# then
select the night plan option to
activate Note you can only do it ones for one night I.e if peradventure you
finished the MB before 5am you can't
renew the plan again till another night
. In addition to the above subscriptions
let me show you the opera
subscription which gives you 1GB for just 300naira last for 25days to
activate this opera mini bundle simple
dial *688*1# and the 300# will be
deducted from your phone while you
will be given 1GB for 25dys. To check
the MB dial *140# This subscription is called social bundle
yet it can work on opera mini browser.
you can download with it but not very
large files , You can use it on Facebook
lite app and 2go messenger with your
whatsapp as well. You can also subscribe the lowest one
which is 100 naira and they will give you 50mb for 1week this will
help you if you don't have upto the
above subscriptions fee and you want
to access the internet by all means . To
activate dial *885*1# and a message
will display that you have successfully
added opera weekly bundle . to see the MB dial *885*0# just like the above
3h sub it can't access the Google play
store and can't access other browsers
but can access opera, Facebook, 2g0 and whatsapp messaner

Hope the

Above Airtel subscriptions

will help you for the main time to save

your money especially those who are

in school and rarely get money to

subscribe you can use any of the

above services.

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