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Saturday, 17 December 2016

How to apply for Your bank Statement of account in Nigeria.

You just went to the bank and you met
a customer care ,asked him for
statement of your account. only for
him to tell you to write a formal letter
lol .You will look around and think back
you will be like asking yourself are we in the WAEC hall or what hahahahaha
but one thing you must know is that
banks have rule and they must follow
their rules if not getting your
statement of account is something
they can just access the computer and print it out without time waste.

That's by the way. just because some
of you are ask to write a formal letter
applying for your own statement of
account some will even go ahead and
write heaven and earth. I.e the ones
that are able to see anything to write. some will just be like (Oga abeg help
me what will i write ?) Don't say this simple post is not for
you, time is coming when you may
need your statement of account for
any verification or for personal brows
through especially those who are into
online business. Am going to show you easy steps to write application
letter for bank statement of
account any bank at all.

Go to the bank you are operating, face
the customer care section meet any of
them and ask for a plain sheet that you
want to apply for your statement of
account. They will give you a plain
sheet where you can write your letter Applying for this statement of account
requires just few steps. write the
heading e.g Application for bank statement of Account Write your own
address -Write the bank address
(ask any of the customer care for it if
you don't know the bank address)
After that write a short letter as

Dear sir Am Oyedokun Victor,  a
regular customer of this bank, due to
some suspicious activities about
transfer from my online business
clients i have decided to apply for my
bank statements of account associating with the following Account

Account name..,...........................,.....
Account number..........,.,...,........,..,.,.
from January-December 2016.I will be
waiting patiently to get the feedback
thank [end it with yours faithfully and signature] For those who don't
understand what statement of account means :: it's a printout of all
the activities
surrounding your account during the
specified date of your choice. I.e how
many transfer have you made, your
alerts and charges, Bonuses and
deductions made from your account your total balance etc. With the
above you have given them
the reason why you need your
account statement , You have also
specified the account details with
which you need the statement and the
date you want it statement. that's just what they need from you.
Hope with the above write ups you
have learnt how to apply for bank
statement of account. I think that
won't be a problem to you when next
you visit your bank for application.
Good day.

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