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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Introducing Online Business That rocks CrowdRising

Take time to read and digest the
information below, it will Change your
financial life forever!!! : :
Let me introduce to you a simple
money making strategy that
guarantees you 370,000 in two weeks.
You can also be N370,00 richer in the
next 14 days if you act now. I Am Not
Going To Sell You Any Package and You Will Not Need To Sell Anything To
Anybody. : :
 I Will Help You Make Money In The
First 14 days And You Can Continue. : :
I Am Going To Show You A System
That Will Make You Money Everyday. : :
You Can Use This System To Raise
Money For Business, Pay School Fee,
House Rent e.t.c : :
 Everything In Life Works Based On A
Well Planned System Your Financial
Situation Is As A Result Of Good/Bad
Plans Or System Its better to try and
fail rather not to try, but you can't fail
because it hasn't failed me before. Its Not News That We Are In A
Challenging Time In Nigeria But Few
people Are Still Smiling To The Bank. : : BRIEF EXPLANATION OF THE
SYSTEM: : : It's a network business called Crowdrising Before you
begin to raise an eyebrow, this is NOT like other
network biz you have ever heard of. : : This network is basically like MMM but
it has faster and better pay and other
advantages which include: : : 1.Unlike MMM that pays 30%,
CROWDRISING PAYS 500% of your first
investment. 2. MMM pays in 30 days
but CROWDRISING PAYS in 4 days for
first level and 14 days for level 2
which is 370,000. 3. In CROWDRISING you are NOT     mandated to bring anyone, just join
and activate your account by paying
the person you are paired to pay for
activation to level 1. 4. Relax and keep getting bank alerts! : :
Level 1. when you register, you are enter LEVEL 0 in which you don't
any payments untill you upgrade to
level one. To upgrade to level 1, pay
7400 to the displayed bank account
details of the person you are randomly
paired with. once you pay, call the person through his phone number
displayed in ur DASHBOARD, with proof
of ur payment for activation. Once the
person confirms your payment, he will
activate you to level 1. in level 1, you
will get 5 payments of 7400. I.E 7400X5=37,000. This level is
completed within 4 days maximum. : : LEVEL 2: Here, the process is
almost same as level 1 but the amount is
double. you pay N14,800 to someone
the system will match you with. the
person will upgrade you to level 2.
then, 25 persons will pay you N14,800.
Then you are done with stage 2. : : LEVEL 3: Just like stages 2 and 3,
you will need to pay N22,200 to any person
the system will match you with for
your upgrade to level 3. upon you
upgrade, you will be eligible to get
same N22,200 from 125 persons. I.E
N22,200X125 = 2.75MILLION. : : LEVEL 4: you simply pay N37000 to your
matched person to upgrade you
to level 4. Upon your activation, you
will be eligible to get payments from
250 persons. I.E 22,200X250 =
9.2MILLION NAIRA : : The process continues till level 15
which is the last. http:// : : NOTE: 1.
you are not Mandated to get
people into the program but you are
encouraged to do so for the circles to
complete fast. it's for the good of
everyone in the pool including you. : : 2. YOU MUST USE Nigeria
LOCAL BANK ACCOUNT. if you register
directly on the website without using
Nigeria ref. link, you may be paired
with Indians and that will make payment process extremedly difficult
for you.if you are reading this from
other countries you can check on your
countries Referal link or someones link
who is a registered member from your
country . : : 3. The earlier you register, the better
for you! : : 4. refer your close friends and relative
WHICH IS : link: : : (MAKE : : YOU
ACCOUNT) : : Take this opportunity today and
change your life When you register,
you put your bank
details so that you can receive
payment with it ,you press on upgrade
,you will see who they matched you
with, that is the person that will
upgrade you to level 1 and you start earning ' ' QUESTIONs FOR NEWSIES
' Who will i pay to__ You will pay to
anybody you are matched with ' After upgrade how will i get
paid__After upgrading your account
the person you paid to will upgrade
you I.e he or she will have to unlock
your account after which the system
will automatically match you with others in order for them to pay you.
' What if he fails to unlock my account?
__ He wouldn't try to do that because
his account will get blocked within
24hrs thats why you must always
check on your email and account to
know the updates. But before you upgrade make sure you contact the
person you are matched with to
inform them you are about to pay ' But How will i receive payment__ the
space to fill in your bank details is
there and this details will be shown to
who ever is matched with you to pay
to. ' After Upgrading do i need to refer?__
the truth is that you don't get any
commission from referring friends and
families unlike MMM where you get
10% of the investor here we only refer
to help the service grow in our country as a whole. What if i register
without Upgrading?
__That means you are not part of the
business and in three days you get
blocked. After upgrading all you have to do is
sit back and let the system find people
to match you with but if you don't
want to wait for the system to match
you , you can easily refer users if you
want and those users who registered under your link will be assigned to pay
you. So it's either you leave the work
for the system or you help the system
to make it faster How long will it take the system to
match me? __ There is no actual time
specified so that means it varies from
one person to the other. you and i
night upgrade the same time but the
system might match me with referrals the same day while yours might take
two -three or more. Don't forget nothing last forever so
now that the network is still
functioning and healthy it's the best
time to join and make some cash so
that even when it crash tomorrow you
will have nothing to loose ....the ball is in your. court play it the
way you want
it's either you invest and get paid or
you leave : As for me am already in level2 looking
forward to the next level ::

one of the reason they can't dupe your
money is because you are not paying
the money into their account so don't
be confused you pay to who ever you
are matched with and so likewise will
other who are matched with you pay you too. : Notice"""" If you are
not ready don't
even register because your account
will be blocked in three days so stay
back till you are ready!! :

Good Day.

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