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Monday, 19 December 2016

Word of Wisdom For The Girls Episode 1

>> Young girl you are *PRETTY*, but i have
to warn
you not to loose your *VIRGINITY*.
Don't allow what you see in your
break your wall of *SECURITY*. Your *VIRGINITY* is your *DIGNITY* and
it your No.1 *PRIORITY*, don't listen to
that call it lack of *OPPORTUNITY*.
Don't allow the error of *PROXIMITY* lead you
Your friends call you *MINORITY*
because you
refused to join their *PARTY* of
*MAJORITY*. They show off their body committing
*ATROCITY* and you are
thinking of embracing their *INSANITY*.
>But listen to me._
In God you have your true *IDENTITY* and you are covered with
them to *PARTY* in their
*IRASCIBILITY* because in *REALITY* the
end is *CALAMITY*.
If you have lost your *VIRGINITY*
already don't
worry God can still give you a new
His *DIVINITY* will help your *HUMANITY* but
you have to abstain from all
you can get access into His beautiful
prepared by the *GOD ALMIGHTY*....

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