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Friday, 13 January 2017

- How To Get Airtel Free 4gb Data And 5000 Naira Airtime Free Cheat

Hi guys, have you ever wanted to get
some free data. Surely everyone does
cos everyone likes free stuff even
those that pretend they don't.

getting free data is not always easy
especially when Mtn, Airtel, glo and the rest of them are not interested in
giving anybody anything. However, you'll agree with me that
there is always a way out in
I have managed to find
this way out of lack of data into
plentiful data! Note: credits does not come to me. In this thread, I will teach you as an
Airtel user how to Get 4GB Data plan
at a very cheap price of N1000 and at
the same time get 5000 free credit On
Airtel. It's real and it's working for
anyone who has the mind to try it. The trick works with a new sim card
only. Steps to get 4gb for 1k and extra
5000 worth of free Airtime on Airtel
Network using this simple Trick
This free data is largely based on the
fact that new Airtel Sims come with
some bonus offers. So we will just key into what they have
made available and enjoy as much as
we like!

Below are the steps to start
enjoying your own free 4gb on Airtel

1. Buy and Register a new Airtel sim 2. You are automatically migrated to
the Welcome To Airtel plan because
it's the default plan for all Airtel new
Sims! It's also the tariff plan that will be
giving us the free data. 3. But and Load N1000 Airtel Recharge
Card on your sim using ussd code
*555*Card Pin# 4. You will be credited with 1GB
worth of data plus bonus airtime for
Airtel to Airtel calls 5. Dial ussd code *556# to check data
and bonus balance on Airtel
network. 6. Now, subscribe to the Airtel 3gb
plan for 1000 Naira with this code
*431# 7. You will get an error message
Ignore this message, your N1000
would be deducted and you will be
accredited with 3gb worth of
Internet data 8. Dial *140# to check your data
balance and see the free data that
was given to you. 9. Now you have a total of 4gb for
just 1k 10.

Automatically you also get rewarded
with 5000Airtime, you can check
balance by dialling *556# Hope this little tutorial has been able
to help you trick Airtel network and
disperse the cheat else people may
not see it and it won't perform it's
duty well!


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