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Thursday, 12 January 2017

- How to steal someone’s data (with a code) using his/her Number

Now here comes the most
anticipated cheat for all time Please dont
use this cheat on your
close friends, and me please…
remember great power comes
great responsibility.. Now back to business,
..... this cheat only works
using mtn sims.. for
example; i cant use airtel or glo
sim to do this trick,, but i can use
mtn sim to potray this trick on any
other sim, supposing your victim uses any sim other than mtn, this trick
will still work, as far as you
are using mtn sim.. So it goes like this;
dial this code
*88567*the victims number*the
amount of data you want to collect*131#

Note: if the individual
doesn’t have
upto that amount you tried
collecting.. it will not work you will
surely get invalid response
after dialing that, after that your
still on the right track, dont be afraid,
change your date to 01|01|2000 and
change it back to the correct one immediately.. after that
remove your sim and put it back..
then check your data.. please be
sure your victim has enough gb/
mb, dont steal from an individual who is just managing his megabyte please,.. goodnews is that this
cheat works for atleast 70% of mtn
sims.. b*dnews is that this operation
must be carried out using a java
phone only....
flex on...
lol dont even try
h*cking my
data because…….
u gonna lose ur
Mobile SIM

[Trust Me]

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