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Saturday, 14 January 2017

- A lady was disgraced after caught stealing at a shop

A lady has been disgraced after
she was caught stealing at a shop.
The woman was forced to bring
out all that she stole from her body.
The woman was caught after a
metal detector at the door sounded the alarm, she had to shed her loot
– pound by pound!

According to Daily Sun ZA, the
video of the incident has become a
hot topic on social media.

The thief was forced to remove goods hidden under her clothes one by
one – from panties to baby clothes!

Some are removed from her
panties and bra while shoppers
watch in shock. “It looks like she stole the goods
to sell them. This woman is
brave,” said one of the shoppers.

Shop employees said they
suspected the woman packed the
goods into a basket and went into the fitting room to stash them
under her clothes.
“She wasn’t so big after
removing her goods and was back
to her normal size,”

they said.
She was handed over to the police for prosecution.

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