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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Word of Wisdom For The Girls. Episode 4


One Yoruba proverb says " ere kini aja n
ba ekun se ". To be
sincere, I find it difficult to translate to English but because of
those that didn't understand Yoruba, its
still the same as saying
what is the relationship between God
and Devil or what is the
relationship between light and darkness..
This post is mainly for the ladies but I
will soon write on guys

No man is ready to marry a loose or unreserved lady. Aunty,
their is no man that approach you that
you wont give attention.
You have no iota of respect a bit for the
guy you are dating in
that area and you expect him to still trust and believe you. You
keep saying trust is the foundation of a
good relationship but
you yourself is not helping the matter in
making the guy to trust
you, you are controversial and not straight forward. Sane and
insane people are all your friends. You
have no taste
whatsoever in people you relate with
and their is no place you
cant meet them, be it their house, hotel, restaurant, bar or club
but you keep claiming they are all your
friends and nothing is in
between you and them. Even if nothing
is in between you, do
you expect a sane and reasonable guy to believe you ?
You have a fiance already but you still
keep a lot of male friends
and still allow guys to flock around you.
Am not saying you
shouldn't have male friends but their should be a limit/boundary
between you.
Let's take for example, your wedding is
in 2months time and
you are still meeting your so called
friend in an hotel and you expect that if people or your husband to
be sees you, they will
believe you that their is nothing
between you and the guy, you
are definitely a joker and that is why
you see some people cutting off their wedding few weeks/
months to the day.
People will keep telling you that they
love you because you are
free, fun to be with and nice and you will
be happy but do you know that these set of people will never
marry you or allow
someone close to them to marry you ?
Do you know why ? They
will be like that lady is too loose, she is
not reserved, their is no guy that doesn't know her, their is no
guy that she cant give
attention or relate with. Am not saying
you shouldn't have male
friends like I said earlier but class
yourself. Don't be a lady that any guy can walk up to and be your
friend immediately. I
personally will never marry a girl that is
not reserved and I
believe most guys will never marry such
a lady too. A lot of people can afford a cheap
commodity, don't be like a
cheap commodity that anybody can
afford. And if you are
married, engaged or in a serious
relationship, cut off some male friends if you have them plenty, failure
to do so will definitely
harm your relationship or marriage
sooner or later. Stop saying
that they are just friends, if you keep
saying that, no guy will ever take you serious or consider
marrying you.
Be a lady/woman of high esteem.

Respect To Obinrin

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