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Saturday, 18 February 2017


BOY (Episode 2)

If you missed the first episode click here to read

I woke up yawning and stretching, my
body, I opened my eyes, I did my
prayers, took unto my slippers and went
to the bathroom, took my toothbrush
and Tunde had already made breakfast I
went to the dinning and eat in the same table with Tunde, he was sitting directly
opposite me , I was still strained by the
heart break my boyfriend had caused
the previous day I didn't even answer
him when he said good morning, I felt
fatigue and a huge loss of appetite that made me eat little. But Tunde was eating
like a hungry lion.
Tunde: you enjoy the food right? Me: No! Tunde: its really nice, I think you're not
feeling too well, the chicken is really
great. Me: Na you sabi ***remembering the
incident last night that someone had
covered me with a blanket***
Me: Who covered me a blanket last
Tunde: I did. I saw you felt cold and folded your body so tight, so I thought I
might help by covering you the blanket.
Me: hmmm
***I felt cared for, when he said that, but
isn't he crossing his boundary?***
Me: don't try that next time, okay? You know my father will not take it lightly if
he were to find out you really did that.
Let it not repeat itself, is that clear?
Tunde: Crystal clear sir, I mean madam
Me: ahaha, you're a real funny boy, but
you need to understand that I don't like being played with okay?
Tunde: Okay.
***i stood up and took the toothpicks, as
I got chicken meat hooked all over my
I was a bit bored that day, my father had called earlier and asked how I was
faring, after so much phone
conversation he decided to hang up. I
was bored and went to Tunde's room to
call him and ask if he could play chess
which I'm sure he can, I walked down the stairs after failed attempts of him
being available, I walked through and I
entered his room without knocking,
surprisingly i saw him Naked!!! I quickly
shut the door... And stood outside his
door Me: oh, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry about
this okay
Tunde: there's nothing to worry about,
its my fault really, I left the door opened
***He quickly wore his boxer and
opened the door*** Me: okay, i just came to find out if you
can play chess with me?
Tunde: why not... ***he dressed up
We went to the parlour, played chess
and laughed with, I thought to myself, "I think I'm falling in love with this guy", he
played better than me, as he played he
kept on staring at me till I don't know
how I kissed him....



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