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Monday, 6 February 2017

- Word of Wisdom For The Girls. Episode 7


I stumbled over a post where a
lady was
asking how to attract a good
guy. It is a good question. Please take your time
and read the
following carefully:

1. Some ladies do not respect
their seniors. They cannot greet you when
they see you. I
don't really know wether they
want their
seniors to greet them first. It is
too bad. Whenever you see someone
older than you,
greet him or her first. By this
action, you will
be attracted to a good guy.

. 2. Do not be pompous and
proud. You will
never never get a good guy if
you are
pompous and proud. Drop your
pomposity. Forget about your parents'
wealth or riches.
Humble yourself.

3. Be approachable. Be sociable.
Be jovial. How can a good guy come closer
to you when
your face is horrible as if you
are quarreling
with someone? Impossible. Do
not keep a frowning and fearful face. It will drive men away.

4. Be neat. Dress well. Not
seductively but attractively.

5. Exposing your body and
dressing half
naked does not attract good
guys. It can only attract bad guys. When you
dress half naked,
you are indirectly telling men
that you are
looking for a man who will have
sex with you. The bad guys will approach you,
ask you out,
have sex with you and dump
you leaving your
heart broken into pieces.
Therefore, dress well but not seductively.

6. Have good characters. Be nice.
If you can
do all of the above, a good guy
will not be far from you.

7. Don't be a nagging type; bcoz
most men
around may be observing you
and ur utterances.

8. Always be kind and generous
to everyone.

9. Aim to be a Virtuous lady/ woman and not
a notorious bitch.

10. Be the praying type of
woman, most guys
out there can't stand prayerless ladies and
woman. You must gird ur loins
now or never!
Thanks and may God in His
infinity mercy help you all on a quest for the
Right Partners

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