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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Word Of Encouragement

Here are few motivational words that can help you fufill your dream in life.

* Having God in ur Boat doesn't
mean that you will not face any
storm! But it means that no storm can sink your Boat!
Walk in faith and you will never
walk alone!

* Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be
made a victim. Accept no
one’s definition of your life;
define yourself

* Be more concerned with your
character than your reputation,
because your character is what
you really are, while your
reputation is merely what
others think you are

* Pay less attention to what
people say, and more attention
to what they do. Their actions
will show you the truth.

* Never quit. The end result is
not what's important. It's the
journey that makes the man
who he is and what he can

* Don't feel bad for not being
where you want to be. There is
a void for each and everyone
which is there to be filled by
that person and no other person
fits in there.

* In any situation you find
yourself,no matter how good it
might be, always believe that
the best is yet to come

* Always look forward towards
your future.fill your eyes and
heart with motivation, push
yourself and boosts your
capabilities to achieve what
you want, gain confidence and believe in your self.

Stay cool!

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