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Sunday, 9 April 2017

How to cook okpa di oku

Okpa di oku, Okpa di oku, Okpa! Okpa!! Okpa!!! On the off chance that you are heading out to Enugu, Nigeria from Onitsha, Lagos and so forth, anyplace from the west of Enugu, these yells from Okpa dealers will advise you that you are moving toward Enugu.

ninth Mile Corner in Ngwo close Enugu is outstanding for the uncommon Okpa that you can exchange your esteemed ownership for. The Okpa is good to the point that many individuals have attempted severally however neglected to duplicate the remarkable taste in their own particular homes.

In any case, the key to making the best Okpa is to use as couple of fixings as conceivable in light of the fact that okpa beans (Bambara Groundnut or Bambara Beans) have a characteristic delightful flavor. This flavor is demolished when individuals begin adding heaps of flavoring to the dinner. Different names for Okpa are Igba and Ntucha.

Elements for Okpa

  • For 12 medium wraps of Okpa, you will require:
  • 3 stogie glasses | 450g | 1lb Okpa flour
  • 15 tablespoons red palm oil
  • 4 little stock/bouillon shapes (Maggi, Knorr and so forth)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Habanero pepper (to taste)
  • 1.2 liters tepid/lukewarm water
  • Okpa wrappers (Notwithstanding the wrappers beneath, you will likewise require a solid nourishment safe string/twine for tying the wrappers. I utilize the strings from the enormous Nigerian rice pack, you know, the 50kg sacks of rice.I guidance that you utilize bowls if all else fails in light of the fact that Okpa should be totally submerged in hot bubbling water for an even surface when done. This can't be accomplished with dishes.)
  • Dry banana/plantain clears out
  • Intense straightforward plastic packs that can withstand high warmth
  • Aluminum thwart packs
  • Bowls (use if all else fails)

Notes on the fixings 

Okpa beans is known as Bambara groundnut or just Bambara nut. In a few sections of the world, it is known as Jugo Beans. There are diverse types of Okpa. It comes in little cases which you air out to discharge the seeds. The seeds are hard and just uncommon substantial obligation mechanical processors can without much of a stretch pound these seeds into powder. Along these lines, this one is not a vocation for your kitchen dry factory.

  • In the event that you live outside Nigeria, you can purchase Okpa flour on Amazon. You can likewise request that family or companions send you Okpa flour from Nigeria. The traditions of most nations will permit it since it is dry powder.
  • You require enough oil to give the okpa a popping yellow shading and to enhance the taste.
  • Okpa does not require much flavoring so the fixings recorded above are all you require. Onions and crawfish destroy the common scrumptious kind of okpa.
  • The Okpa blend may appear to be watery however 1.2 liters of water is the amount of water you requirement for the ideal Okpa surface. In the event that you include substantially less water, you will wind up with rough Okpa.

Before you cook Okpa

  • Set up the banana leaves by washing them in a lot of salt water. On the off chance that you have a banana/plantain tree in your lawn, you have to wither the leaves by disregarding them a low fire, then abandon them to go away before utilizing them. You can't wrap Okpa with crisp banana clears out.
  • Pulverize the stock/bouillon shapes.
  • Cut the habanero pepper into little pieces.
  • Plan 1.2 liters of tepid water.

Cooking Directions 

  • Filter the Okpa flour into a sufficiently major bowl. Include salt and the pounded stock 3D squares. Blend exceptionally well.
  • Include the palm oil. Blend the palm oil and flour exceptionally well till the palm oil is all around fused into the flour. You will have a decent even yellow shading when done.
  • Pour a liberal amount of water in a major pot and set on the stove to bubble.
  • Begin adding the tepid water to the Okpa flour and blend till there are no protuberances. Watch the video underneath to perceive how I pulverize the irregularities without worry by going the blend through a strainer with a wire work. You can likewise utilize a blender to get the smoothest blend. In any case, that is a great deal of cleaning up to do later. :)
  • Include the cut habanero pepper. Check for salt and include progressively if vital and it's prepared to be scooped into the wrappers!
  • Presently the water in the pot ought to bubble. If not, sit tight for it to bubble and include some extra wrappers or plastic sacks before proceeding onward to the following stride. These wrappers and plastic packs go about as a base for the Okpa wraps.
  • Presently to a noteworthy stride: wrapping the Okpa! In the video and pictures underneath, I demonstrated 3 approaches to wrap Okpa: 2 with the banana leaves and 1 with plastic packs. Ideally the pictures and clarifications bode well however in the event that you truly need to ace wrapping the Okpa, viewing the video is so justified, despite all the trouble. Go to a digital bistro in the event that you can't watch it on your telephone/device. A few things can't be sufficiently clarified in composing.
  • Subsequent to tying one end of the banana leaves as appeared in the video and picture interfaces beneath, blend the okpa blend exceptionally well and scoop into the leaf/plastic sack. Tie the flip side with a string and place the wrapped okpa in the pot of bubbling water. It is essential that the Okpa is totally drenched in the boiling hot water.
  • Rehash the above stride for whatever is left of the blend. Ensure you mix the blend, scoop into the wrapper, tie with the string and put in the pot of bubbling water before wrapping another.
  • Whenever done, cover the wraps with more leaves or plastic sacks. Cover the pot and begin cooking medium to high warmth.
  • Cook for no less than 1 hour before checking it. The Okpa is done when it is strong everywhere.

Wrapping Okpa 

  • Tap on the connections to view pictures.
  • Step by step instructions to wrap Okpa with banana leaves (Method basic in Enugu State, Nigeria)
  • Put 2 sheets of banana leaves on a level surface.
  • Overlap one end to meet the other (vertically).


Okpa Enugu

  • Move up the open end like a tangle till you have enough overlap to keep a spillage.
  • Assemble one end together and tie it up safely with the string.
  • Blend and empty the blend into the sack.
  • Tie up the flip side and it is prepared to go into the pot of bubbling water.
  • Step by step instructions to wrap Okpa with banana leaves (strategy normal in Anambra State, Nigeria)
  • Put 2 sheets of banana leaves on a level surface.
  • Overlap it into 2 (on a level plane).

Okpa Anambra

  • Move up one the open end like a tangle till you have enough overlay to keep a spillage.
  • Lift it up and put the pointed end in the measure of your palm.
  • Mix and empty the blend into the pack.
  • Overlay the flip side like a tangle and accumulate the main open end together and tie it up safely with the string.
  • Furthermore, it is prepared to go into the pot of bubbling water.
  • Step by step instructions to wrap Okpa with plastic sacks (on the off chance that you don't have banana takes off)
  • You can basically scoop the okpa blend into plastic sacks, tie it up and put in the pot of bubbling water yet this is the means by which to get the exemplary Okpa shape when utilizing plastic packs.
  • Twofold the plastic packs and tie the end with a string.
  • Blend and scoop the blend into the sack.
  • Okpa Plastic Bags
  • Tie it about most of the way up the pack.
  • Blend and scoop the blend into the second 50% of the sack.
  • Tie again and it is prepared to go into the pot of bubbling water.

For breakfast, present with cocoa drink (Milo, Ovaltine drink), Akamu or Ogi, custard feast or oats. For lunch or supper, present with splashed Garri (asoki). You can likewise eat it as a nibble with a chilled drink.

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