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Sunday, 9 April 2017

How to cook white coconut rice

We have seen the Jollof Coconut Rice, this page is for the White Coconut Rice.

There's dependably a war about how best to get ready Nigerian Coconut Rice with group White Coconut Rice continually battling with group Jollof Coconut Rice. You don't need to battle for these two suppers since they are both scrumptious. Set up both of them and choose which is best for you and proceed with that one.

Elements for White Coconut Rice 

  • The accompanying amounts of fixings served 4 individuals.
  • 420g (~1 lb) long grain parboiled rice
  • 400 mls Coconut Milk
  • 400 ml chicken stock/soup
  • 20 little shrimps
  • 1 tatashe pepper (elective: Tribelli peppers)
  • 1 red onion
  • A modest bunch of diced hotdog
  • 1 major flavoring 3D square (discretionary)
  • Habanero peppers (Atarodo: to taste)
  • Dark pepper (to taste)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Green peas.
  • Green beans .

Notes on the fixings 

  • I suggest the long grain parboiled rice since the rice works best with the formula nitty gritty on this page. It is the best rice for all Nigerian one-pot rice formulas.
  • You can utilize tinned coconut drain yet I incline toward coconut drain that I extricate from the coconuts myself: How to Extract Coconut Milk.
  • You get chicken stock by cooking chicken with flavoring 3D squares, thyme and onions and some other flavoring of your decision. Here and there, I get ready Peppered Chicken or Grilled/Broiled Chicken for eating on and I spare the fluid (chicken stock) from heating up the chicken for formulas like this White Coconut Rice.
  • We don't care for shellfish in my home yet those shrimps function admirably with the coconut taste.
  • I prescribe red onions for this feast since it includes some shading. Aside from that, any onions will work.
  • The wiener I utilized here is the Spanish top notch frankfurter known as chorizo (hard pork hotdog). You can utilize some other kind of thick wiener including sausage (Satis) which are more typical in Nigeria. Chorizo truly adds a delectable flavor to this feast. Utilize it in the event that you can.
  • The flavoring solid shape is discretionary in light of the fact that I effectively utilized flavoring blocks when cooking the chicken from where I got the chicken stock/soup.
  • The green fixings (peas and beans) are for shading. Don't hesitate to utilize your most loved comparable fixings.
  • On the off chance that you need the coconut rice to be totally white with no single tint of shading like the one in the picture above, don't utilize any fixing that exchanges shading. All things considered, avoid the tatashe peppers and hard port wiener. You can utilize pale looking wieners and franks since they don't exchange shading.
  • In the event that you can, set up the White Coconut Rice with every one of these fixings recorded above, kindly do as such. It is so delightful!

Before you cook White Coconut Rice 

  • Get some chicken stock from cooking chicken.
  • Extricate the coconut drain.
  • Parboil/Precook the long grain parboiled rice. Add it to a pot of a liberal amount of bubbling water and cook on medium warmth for 8-10 minutes. This time is for the amount of rice expressed in the rundown of fixings. In the event that yours is more, you will require additional time. At the point when finished with the parboiling, you ought to have the capacity to cut the grain of rice with your finger nails: no resistance or rubbery feel.

The exploration of parboiling long grain parboiled rice: 

Long grain parboiled rice contains heaps of starch and is hard. When you cook this rice as is without most importantly parboiling it (particularly with rice formulas where fixings are cooked in an indistinguishable pot from the rice (one-pot rice formulas), the starch substance will make the rice sticky and soaked. The hard nature will hamper its retention of water, again prompting sticky, soaked and consumed rice when you are finished.
When we parboil/precook the rice, we lessen the starch content as some of it is poured away.Precooking likewise relaxes the rice to empower it retain water effortlessly.
       On the off chance that parboiled effectively, the long grain parboiled rice will totally retain the amount of water that is at an indistinguishable level from the parboiled rice. This is science. A down to earth case is the point at which you need to utilize a completely dry cloth to clean up water; what amount of water would it be able to ingest contrasted with when you are attempting to wipe up the water with a moist cloth?
     At the point when content with the rice, pour in a strainer/colander and flush with a lot of chill water to chill it. Leave in the strainer/colander to deplete.
     Cut the wiener into little 3D squares. Dice the peppers and cut the green beans into around 1 inch long pieces. Hack the onions. Precook the shrimps and peel them or not relying upon how you like them.

Cooking Directions 

  • Pour the chicken stock and coconut drain into a sizeable pot. Remember that the rice will typically ascend by no less than one fourth of its amount from the parboiled state to the done state.
  • Include the dark pepper and flavoring solid shape. Cover the pot and begin cooking till it bubbles.
  • Include the precooked rice, Stir and add salt to taste. Now the fluid ought to be at an indistinguishable level from the rice. If not, beat it up with water. On the off chance that the fluid is a great deal more than the rice, you will wind up with spongy coconut rice. On the off chance that you utilized long grain parboiled rice and you parboiled/precooked it accurately, the Coconut Rice will be finished when the level of water goes away. There will be no compelling reason to include more water.
  • Cover the pot and begin cooking on medium warmth.
  • When it bubbles, include the hard pork hotdog. The hard pork hotdog should be cooked yet in the event that you are utilizing another sort of wiener that does not require much cooking, include it in step 6.
  • At the point when the water dries to the very same level as the rice (see video underneath), include the shrimps and keep cooking.
  • At the point when the water is practically dry, include the delicate fixings: onions, green beans and green peas and the tatashe and habanero peppers.
  • Cover and keep cooking till all the water becomes scarce. In the event that you parboiled the rice effectively, it ought to be doen at this point.
  • Mix with a spatula till every one of the fixings are very much consolidated. That is it!
  • The White Coconut Rice is best served all alone yet don't hesitate to serve it with Steamed Leafy Veggies or some other Nigerian Rice Accessory you like.
  • On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning setting up the White Coconut Rice, click here to ask me.

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