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Sunday, 28 May 2017

How to make Kankaran Tsamiya (Frozen Tamarind Juice)

Kankaran Tsamiya is solidified concentrate from the tsamiya (tamarind) organic product. This is a Northern Nigerian licky-licky satisfaction! LOL

Tamarind (second picture above) has a sweet and harsh taste. It is in an indistinguishable family from Velvet Tamarind which is more prevalent.

Elements for Kankaran Tsamiya 

  • You just need 2 fixings. The amount of water you requirement for a given amount of tamarinds relies on upon how concentrated you need your Kankaran Tsamiya. 
  • Tamarind (tsamiya) 
  • Tepid water 

You will likewise require: 

  • A compartment for solidifying them. You can likewise utilize straightforward plastic packs. 
  • A fine strainer 
  • A cooler 


  • Peel and absorb the tamarinds tepid water. 
  • Whenever delicate, crush them up or rub in a sifter till you get a smooth puree. Watch the video underneath to see me extricate the juice from the tamarind natural product (prepare begins at time 1:00). For best extraction, I expel the seeds from the tamarind before dousing them. 
  • Pour the crushed blend through a fine sifter. 
  • Empty the concentrate into compartments and place in the cooler overnight. For the ones in the picture above, I utilized heart formed ice solid shape plate. I put toothpicks in the measures of the ice 3D square plate before solidifying. 
  • At the point when totally solidified, expel from the ice 3D square plate and lick quickly. That is it! 
  • Lick like ice lollies on a hot day!

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