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Sunday, 28 May 2017

3 Fun way to enjoy a woman with big boobs

It is very possible to feel a tad bit intimidated when having sex with a very busty woman.
You can be stumped trying to figure out where to start as soon as she takes off her bra and unleashed those babies. But you need not worry. Knowing how to get the maximum satisfaction from a big breasted woman is all you need to feel a lot more confident.

Beware of sensitivity

Most men who encounter such ample bosom make the mistake of assuming the boobs must be extra sensitive, when, in fact, the bigger the breasts, the less sensitive it is. So, while enjoying her, knock yourself out massaging her breasts but for her pleasure, make sure you focus on her nipples » . That's where true bliss lie.

Cowgirl is the way
Men are visual creatures, and there is nothing more visually appealing than watching her straddle you and move against you in bed. Do not expect her to do the bouncy move though, as this might get uncomfortable. But the view of her grinding against you can be more than erotic.

Between the boobs
This is usually the go-to move for men when they are with an endowed woman » . They place their penis between her breasts and enjoy a different, but equally exciting sensation. To make things even hotter, have her open her mouth as you do this so as the head of the penis comes out on the other side, her opened mouth is ready to take it in. It can be extremely hot.

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