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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Nigerian Aphrodisiac

   In the event that you have to enhance your sexual coexistence, this drink is for you!

It is the mystery drink that individuals from Northern Nigeria use to hold their mates tight.
  You can either make the fundamental adaptation of this drink: Tiger Nuts Milk or you make this turbo charged variant that is jigijigi consistent.

You require only 3 super fixings 

  • 1 glass dry Tiger Nuts (2 containers hydrated tiger nuts) 
  • 1 coconut 
  • 15 dates 
  • Water 

Different names for Tiger Nuts 

– Aki Awusa in Igbo

– Ofio in Yoruba

– Aya in Hausa

– Chufas in Spanish

Notes about the fixings:

  • In Nigeria, hydrated tiger nuts are sold by Hausa Mallams. Outside Nigeria, dry ones are accessible on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. On the off chance that you are in Nigeria, utilize drain containers to gauge the tiger nuts. 
  • Dates are known as Dabino in Hausa and are additionally sold by the Hausa Mallams. 
  • For best outcomes, utilize develop sweet coconut.

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