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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Reasons Why Many Guys Insist On Getting Into Ladies' Pants In Relationships

1. Ladies Who Don't Allow Sex Often Misbehave

I know that most ladies will disagree with this point but there's an atom of truth in it. As a matter of fact, most ladies (not all though) who don't allow sex in relationships often misbehave because they know they have nothing to lose. Most of them might not even think twice b4 dumping you because they are not sexually attached to you

2. They Don't Want To Be Tagged Mugu

YES ! Many dudes seem to be very careful in dealing with ladies who always claims that sex is NOT a yardstick for LOVE yet these ladies will screw you, extort you & will never want you to get under their pants. These same ladies will go to their friends and tell them how MUGU you are.

3. Wrong Orientation
I grew up with an orientation and mentality of " NO DULL YOURSELF" when dealing with a lady who doesn't want SEX in a relationship because another dude somewhere might just be doing the work while you are playing the role of ROMEO.. Hahaha !!! Isn't that funny ? I'm pretty sure I'm NOT the only one with this orientation & mentality

4. To Boost Their Ego
MY OPINION on why guys want sex in relationships is to boost their EGO, or make them feel "PROUD, more so, they derive JOY in it"; thinking "oh, straph that girl! she was so nice.. blah blah" but dont take under the consideration on how the girl feels like sure

5. To Have Dominion & Control
Some dudes have the belief that sex will make them have total control and have dominion over a lady, therefore they don't joke with sex in a relationship because once a girl has sex she is considered "USED" but a guy can lie about his past and nobody can prove otherwise. It's
totally unfair but that is the reality of
today's society.

6. It Is My Duty & Entitlement
Hahaha !!! This also got me cracking. Some dudes who are in relationships don't have a reason why they should have sex with you. They only feel it is their DUTY and it's their ENTITLEMENT as a boyfriend. That's all grin

7. Emotional Attachment
Many dudes only want sex because they believe it will make a lady stay glued. #if I hear#

8. The experience Of Friends
They must have heard about their friends' experiences of how they loved and dated ladies who lied about being a virgin for almost 4 year & she they later caught sleeping with another dude with their two Unclad eyes. Many dudes are brainwashed by others experiences, therefore they don't wouldn't want to experience that

9. Sex Is Love
There's this saying amongst youth that sex is important in a relationship but NOT a necessity. However, many dudes wrongly interprete this saying and will always want sex so as to know how true a ladies is into them. However, some guys will tell you anything to get sex, even though they don't love. Some will promise to open a supermarket for you, some will promise you marriage, therefore if you really love them you would have sex with them.

10. Sex Urge (Konji)

All the aforementioned points still boil down to SEX URGE (Konji). The hormone testosterone is
very strong in MOST young guys that they don't even hide it. Some are able to curb their urge while some are crazy about it as if their lives depend on it. This is the major reasons why guy always want to have sex.

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