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Thursday, 29 June 2017

How To solve Google Chrome crash problem encountered when loging into Facebook

I used to love Google Chrome than other web programs yet of late, I understood that Chrome crashes a ton at whatever point I get to Facebook. I chose to scan for an answer and I discovered one.

While looking over the web for answers for the issue, I saw diverse remarks on various discussions relating the issue to the Shock-wave streak module. In one of the remarks, I came to understand that having two shock-wave streak modules introduced to Chrome may be causing the accidents. Fortunately for me, I went over an article that disclosed how to cripple the additional blaze module in Google Chrome.

I checked my Chrome modules and discovered two blaze modules. I uninstalled the more established one, restarted my portable PC and I am presently cherishing my Chrome the more... smiles**

To check your modules, go to "about:plugins" and look through the rundown - you should see two Shock-wave streak modules. Observe the variants and simply incapacitate the more seasoned one. Restart your PC and your Chrome shouldn't be slamming again at whatever point you get to Facebook with it.

Continuously ensure you download the most recent Shock-wave streak module as well.

In the event that your chrome is as yet smashing, I suggest you read Google's article on known issues with Google Chrome.

I trust this makes a difference..

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