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Friday, 16 June 2017

No one asks me out because they think I have a boyfriend

They just assume because of my physical attributes I would have a boyfriend and they stay away.

   Mine isn't necessarily about a current relationship because I am not in one.
Since I came back to Nigeria I feel everything has gone badly for me especially on this matter. I don't even have a single admirer let alone someone asking me out.
And I am not ugly, I've got a great personality and a great body people compliment everyday and I’ve also got a beautiful face.
I'm not sure maybe when they see me they just assume because of my physical attributes I would have a boyfriend or something and they stay away. I'm 24 by the way, so it's not like I'm too young to have a boyfriend.

The main reason I decided to write to you guys is about this pending issue I have.
Please is there anything as a female having too much hormones because I don't get it, I cry a lot even when nothing major has happened.
I know during that time of the month or ovulation, hormones tend to work you up but mine is getting annoying.
Since my secondary school days it's almost like I've always carried this feeling of sadness about.
I'm a very jovial person but once I'm by myself in my room I just tend to have crazy thoughts and I'm not sure if it's a normal thing attributable to hormones or just me.
Dear reader,
About being single, I think you might be mistaken about being admired. Being pretty as you described surely makes you the subject of many admiring eyes. The problem I suspect is that most of these people are just not confident or sure enough to come out with their admiration and that is not your fault.
   Be patient with yourself and keep being a great person with amazing attitude and a confident man will locate you.
Go out, meet people, smile, be polite and courteous, and flirt lightly occasionally if you are comfortable doing so.
Just a little more patience is all it takes. You'll be absolutely fine.
About the crazy thoughts and tearful moments, have you seen a medical expert about this yet? I think you absolutely should.
They're in a better position to tell you what's up and offer expert opinion and advice on the matter.

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