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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

See reason why Henry Ijogu set to quit blogging

Nationwide tears as Henry Ijogu Sets to quit blogging 

An interview  with a well known tech blogger called Henry Ijogun.

Prince Ooye's:  Hello
Henry Ijogun:   Hi
Prince Ooye's:  Come and share with me your main reason for quitting blogging. Abi you are just kidding ni?
Henry Ijogun:   i'm not kidding... Just anted to be off the blogging world for the time being
Prince Ooye's:  Humm
   But why? Can you please share with me one or two reasons why you make such costly decision? 
Henry Ijogun:    no specific reason.... Just wanna go off it for now, might coma back later to pen a forum instead. 
Prince Ooye's:   Humm
Henry Ijogun:   Yea
Prince Ooye's:   That's nice, but if I get your point clearly, you said 'I might'  i.e not yet sure 
Henry Ijogun:    yes not sure...... Its might be d end and i might still come back depends on how prepared i am..... . The hack on my blog, email and Adsense has taken a toll on me...... Am not confident with blogging again, the email is more important than anything...... If i'm able to get my email then i will comeback if not..... Thats gonna be the end.
Prince Ooye's:    Opps.   You mean your  blog was hacked?  
Henry Ijogun:    opps..... U dont know???
Prince Ooye's:    I don't know o.  Eeya, sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you
Henry Ijogun:    I post it on my timeline nah...... My bloe, email and adsense...... But i have a backdoor login to my blog that was how i was able to grt my blog back..... But my email and adsense gone........ That email is private anytin i register online its d email u use, like my bticoin wallet, payoneer, jamb tin etc...... So its more important to me
Prince Ooye's:   Eeyaa, Sorry for the loss, This one weak person oo 
Henry Ijogun:   thanks........ When you are moving towards success sometimes sometin i mean enemy will come and disrupt you......... Its now i know that someone success sometimes can make one have trillions of enemy...... Even onine seff. 
Prince Ooye's:  Humm, I have learn a lesson today.
Henry Ijogun:   lol..... I just dont kno why it happend. . I have been kind in my own little way to so many bloggers both new and upcomming.... . And i am not one of those that shout online that...... Eg adsense have paid me $56985 today, chilling with adsense earnings bla bla bla...... . The hack came after some people visit my blog, saw how neat i set my blog and how cool i integrated my adsense that my earnings was growing fat everyday..... . So thay hacked me down and take over my property....
My first adsense was hacked with $380+ inside,if converted is around 140,000+# i still put my faith in God, the second one i am co using with someone got approved late last month too was hacked 10days ago, along with my blog and email...... So i'm just fed up of nigerians scamming and hacking their brother out of greed and stupidity

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