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Challenges Of Blogging!

Before I say anything concerning the above topic, I will like to tell
you who a blogger is.

   In a simple term; a blogger is a person who own or manage a blog.
I don’t need to go deep in that.
Actually, blogging is a very creative and nice thing to engage in.
Many people blog for passion’s sake while are blogging for money. Each
and every skill you need to run and manage a blog is called blogging
which include skills like S.E.O, Social Media marketing, writing,
editing, publishing, researching, designing, observing and

You must learn all aforementioned stuffs to be a successful blogger.
Now let’s move down to the aim aim of this post..

Bloggers And Challenges of Blogging.

There is lot of challenges in blogging. As a blogger or intending
blogger you need to struggle. As a matter of fact, nothing good comes
forth without an effort been applied.
Below are common challenges every bloggers faces most especially the newbie s

•       Time
•       Perfect Niche
•       Confidence
•       Capital
•       Quality Content
•       Growing Traffic
•       Making Money

Now let’s begin analyses the one after the other

1.      Time: This so called time is one of the greatest challenge 98% of
blogger do face. In fact, I as a person is also facing this problem,
but I have my way of planning things. At times you feel tired,
stressed, busy or sick, but still, you have to find time out of no
time. You don’t have to wait until you have buckets of spare time
before you blog, it simply won’t come! Try and strategize, try to
plane your working and resting hour.

2.      Perfect Niche: This is the point where some bloggers fail, you
don’t have to a niche just because it’s less competitive, you have to
study yourself, understand yourself, know your ability, know what you
have passion in writing and then go for your passion. If you decide to
start blogging on a niche because its less competitive, things might
not work out fine as you expected, in fact you might end up turning to
a copy and paste blogger and you know the danger behind that, if you
don’t know click here to see dangers ahead copy and paste sites. I
have seen a top blogger that deleted the whole post on his blog and
start afresh with another niche which suppose not to be so.

3.      Confidence: This is basically for the newbies. Try to have
confidence I yourself, be yourself, love what you like doing, move
with top bloggers and try to contribute to forums and group chat. You
see, one of the main factor that kills person is intimidation, don’t
allow anybody to intimidate you, and try to be social.

4.      Capital: while blogging, capital is very essential. Nothing comes
for free. Many bloggers most especially the newbies finds it difficult
to get capital all because of their humble beginning. The solution is
simple; try having one or two savings as it may help in one way or the

5.      Quality content: This is where the soul and beauty of a blog/website
is, but unfortunately many bloggers even the so called top bloggers
fail at this junction most especially entertainment bloggers. I won’t
be able to say much about quality content here because lots of things
are involve while writing a quality content. While talking about
quality content. 88% of bloggers are into copy and paste stuff, even
the so called Tech-Bloggers.
Lemme no talk too much here. Click here to see twelve Basic Tools That
Make a Quality Content.

6.      Growing Traffic: This is another challenge in which 91% of Nigeria
blogger usually face.
What shall it profit a blog with a good niche and quality content but
without traffic?
Writing a blog post without any response can give the impression of
speaking to an empty room, often discouraging blogger.
There are numerous of tactics that bloggers can adopt, in other to
influence traffic to their blog.

7.      Making Money: I know this is where many bloggers are hopping for,
because no one wants to hustle day and night without any bank alert.
Put it’s a pity today many are going after the money first. Blogging
is a dedicated process that requires time, resources, and energy.
Bloggers should not immediately jump on monetizing the blog; but
rather spend time establishing it. Once the blog is ready, there are
numbers of ways in which a blogger can attempt to create cash flow.
Affiliate marketing, advertising, and offering premium content are a
few of the examples through which a blogger can make money. However,
it’s very important to keep a balance between monetization and
audience appeal, as excessive ads and promotion can drive readers

Conclusively: If you want to be a successful blogger, you must not
wait for a perfect blogging circumstance, they simple won’t come.
Learn how to use your time wisely.

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