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Friday, 14 July 2017

How to make money by selling your articles online

  We all desires to earn money and we try to get that done by many ways. If you have an established blog then it is easy to earn money in several ways and one among them is by writing sponsored reviews. There are many networks who are offering sponsored reviews and payperpost is the established network in offering sponsored reviews. It’s a platform connecting advertisers who need sponsored post to build their brand online and bloggers who bid for sponsor post to earn money from their blog. Writing sponsored post is a quick way to generate some income online. Go through my complete review of payperpost how it does work, requirement to join and how to earn from payperpost.


How does PayPerPost Work?

PayPerPost involves a simple signup process you need to simply register your blog and you need to set price for a post. Actually there is no such process of reviewing a blog as soon as you submit your blog you are eligible to get offers from various advertisers relevant to your blog.
You can either accept the offer or decline it. Some offers may be for full blog post and some offers may be for links. In case if you accept offers which pays you for link then you need to write a relevant blog post with the link embedded on the same.

How does PayPerPost Pays?

As soon as you accept an offer you need to write an excellent blogpost as per the advertiser’s requirement and post that in your blog and payperpost team will ask for a permalink.
You need to send your permalink if the advertiser found satisfied with your post you will be eligible for paid by them and the amount will be paid through your paypal account. There are three types of payout options if you are a free member its $100, if you are pro member then you have $50 or $25 as a payout option.

Ways To Make Money Through Payperpost

You can make money in three Different Ways
1) Sponsored post or links
2) Direct :
In this case you will be directly contacted with the advertiser and you can negotiate the offers too. This opportunity on the other hand called as payperpost direct.
3) PayPerPost Affiliate:
You can earn money with the affiliate offers provided by PayperPost. If someone joins PayPerPost under your referral then you are likely to get paid by them.

PayPerPost Blogpost submission guidelines

1)Create an Excellent blogpost as per the advertiser guidelines
2) Create hyperlinks in your post for adveriser’s site.
3)If you have any text link ads in your sponsor post content then disable them.
If you follow the above criteria when writing a sponsored content then your blogpost will be likely to be accepted and you will be paid

Final Words:
There are numerous ways to earn online nowadays. One need to follow the strategies well to get good money online. You can really earn a good handsome of money for your sponsored content through your blog. Payperpost is one of the network to get sponsored post. Feel free to share comments about payperpost or any other network you use to earn money for sponsored content.

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