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Monday, 10 July 2017

'My brother was never a cult member' - Sister of comedian lynched in Ikorodu

Chinedu Paul [left] and the two mechanics lynched with him

The younger sister of the comedian and Master of Ceremony lynched by residents of Ikorodu after mistaking him for a Badoo cult member has narrated how her brother was murdered.

The grieving lady, Elizabeth, explained in an interview with TVC that her brother, Chinedu Paul also known as MC Think Twice, was never a member of the gang and that he was even identified by some people among those who burnt him and his two friends who had gone to help him tow his broken-down vehicle.
Elizabeth who said her family is still to come to terms with the brutal murder of her brother and breadwinner, said he was the who invited his mechanic identified as Shola from the FESTAC Town area to help him tow his broken-down vehicle and the mechanic came with a friend but due to heavy traffic, they arrived Ikorodu late and were accosted by the vigilante members who decided to lynched them after finding incriminating items in their vehicle.

Read Elizabeth narration of the incident here:
“Paul had been in the house throughout that Saturday until about 10:00 pm when he left for Ikorodu Garage to wait for the mechanic and rewirer who were coming all the way from FESTAC.
Shola the rewirer, used to be our neighbour here at Ikorodu before he moved to FESTAC after he got married in 2010.
He is a specialist in Honda cars and that was why my brother begged him to come and help fix his vehicle.
If not for the traffic they encountered along the way, they would have arrived Ikorodu earlier to tow the car with the SUV Shola brought from FESTAC.
But before they could get to where Paul’s car was parked, they were stopped by some guys on the road. One of the guys who stopped them told the others that he knew my brother and that they should be allowed to go.
The others refused and proceeded to search the vehicle. They saw the chain Shola wanted to use to tow the vehicle and brake oil in the boot of the SUV.
Immediately the guys saw these, they started shouting Badoo. Even though the other one said he knew my brother well in the area which another person among them also confirmed, they went ahead to kill the three of them by burning them alive.
By the time we got there by 3:00 am after receiving a call from somebody who witnessed the scene, it was too late. They had been burnt already.
Paul was not a cult member. He could have been because he always cautioned youths in our area against joining cults.
I, my mother, younger sister and Paul’s girlfriend could all have been killed by the same guys after they identified us to be his relatives.
Immediately they saw a small plastic containing gear oil in the boot of the car that conveyed us to the spot where the three of them were burnt, the guys started shouting Badoo family.
They shoved and pushed us about for several minutes and were going to descend heavily on us when one man ordered them to leave us, that if we were indeed Badoo members, we couldn’t have had the guts to come to that place. That was how we escaped being lynched that morning.

Paul was an easy-going person who would never hurt anyone. He was the only one we looked up to for our needs since our father died 14 years ago. He didn’t deserve to die in such a pathetic manner,” she lamented.
The murder of the Comedian is still raising dust in the Ikorodu area as more jungle justice has been recorded since his lynching on July 1, 2017, by the mob instead of handing him over to the police.

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