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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Doctors are amazed: New absolutely secret method helped mother from São Paulo break the record: 12 kg in just 4 weeks!

“I had a feeling that my body has turned into a calorie burning machine”
before after mom
Many American newspapers are shocked that their overweight readers began losing weight so drastically and managed to get visible results due to the new therapy, developed by Boston University scientists. Even people who are resistant to diets and exercises were able to slim down 10-15 kg per month.

So far Brazilian mother has the best result, Mariana is 36 years old and comes from São Paulo, Brazil. She broke the record beating Americans, she lost 24kg in just 2 months without dieting or exercises!

Despite the fact that she lost so much weight, it didn’t affect her health. More than 5 months she has been able to maintain her weight and she feels happy as she told us via e-mail.
How could she slim down 24 kg in such a short period of time? And how does her revolutionary method works?
Mariana’s e-mail:
My lifestyle didn’t allow me to lose weight. I always indulged in sweets and ate big portions. I never had time to sweat in the gym, I wasn’t one of those fit and pretty women. My husband didn’t complain about my weight, but once I heard him saying:
"She’s far from Adriana Lima"
Of course I never liked when I was called fat, but that was true - I was far from perfect. Sometimes I tried to change my lifestyle, take care of myself, be on a healthy diet or stop eating at all, but never could I force myself to go to the gym. I did go there couple of times, but knew it wouldn’t last long. My final effort to do sports was on 13th of January this year.
I remember that day very well. It was sunny, beautiful and quiet; I didn’t feel like something is going to change with a white jar of magic pills from my sister. She lives in the US and that day she sent it to me together with that phrase written on a pink paper, she wrote:
"Mariana, try it, here in USA it is a real weight loss success"
There were special supplementary capsules inside the jar, meant to burn body fat and make the belly slim and toned. Maybe the lack of those substances is the reason why diets never work?
I was curious to know more so I started surfing the Internet, reading thousands of comments on american sites on how to maintain flat and tight stomach. People assured that this product really worked and it especially helped those who have slow metabolism, moreover they claimed that it wasn’t addictive at all. That time Pure Colon Detox wasn’t sold in Brasil. I was lucky that my sister sent it to me from USA. I started taking the capsules and my life has changed tremendously. Without diets or control over food, with no gym I began losing kilograms day by day!
"I felt my love handles melting away"
I felt like my body transformed into a fat burning machine- on the 3rd day my stomach became flatter. In 8 weeks I weighted 55kg. I lost 24 kg! No doubts, I look much younger and more feminine and new clothes looks elegant and stylish on me. And of course I feel more attractive…men glance at me :D I became more positive and my life got 10 times better.
Mariana from São Paulo took capsules Pure Colon Detox daily and lost 24kg in 8 weeks.
We talked to a nutritionist Dr. Paulo Pereira, who cures obese patients and asked him why does Pure Colon Detox so effective?
And how to lose excess weight naturally and safe?
Ingredients of Pure Colon Detox guarantee its effectiveness; capsules contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. Choline helps blocking fat absorption, zinc boosts metabolism and acts as an antioxidant, selenium stimulates immune system and also acts like a powerful antioxidant, that balances glucose levels in our blood. Nowadays most of the food we eat doesn’t contain these elements, but they’re so important for a weight loss. Many people try to slim down, follow low-calorie diet plans, eat healthy meals, but still cannot see the result. That’s all about these elements that destroy extra fat in our body.
Typical weight loss diet
Weight loss with
Pure Colon Detox
Adipose tissue
(is the hardest 
tissue to burn)
Slow process of burning adipose tissue
Detox Slim funciona por
dentro acelerando o processo de
queima de tecido adiposo
Human body consists of 3 types of fat: the most problematic to get rid of is on the stomach, buttocks and around hips. It’s impossible to burn such fat without antioxidants. The food that we eat is very low in necessary elements, which makes the fat burning process too hard for the body. The only way to get enough antioxidants is to take them in a capsule. Supplementary capsules Pure Colon Detox contain such elements as zinc and selenium- most powerful antioxidants. So how does this wonderful weight loss work?
It’s 5 times more effective than other methods!
When on a balanced diet, fat burning processes with Pure Colon Detox capsules are 5 times faster than with other slimming pills. That means you may lose up to 4kg per week while 1 kg off is a limit for other products.
There are 6 steps to lose weight with Pure Colon Detox:
  1. Step 1. It reduces puffiness and fluid accumulation.
  2. Step 2. Improves cells regeneration.
  3. Step 3. Burns excess fat in every part of the body.
  4. Step 4. Clears your organism, detoxifies from toxins and harmful substances.
  5. Step 5. Stimulates and accelerates metabolism, protects from yo-yo effect.
  6. Step 6. Decreases physical and mental fatigue, makes skin beautiful and even reduces craving for sweets.
Besides, Pure Colon Detox eliminates flabbiness and cellulite, keeping you in a good mood and giving you energy! You can buy Pure Colon Detox ( 60 capsules) directly from the manufacturer. These supplementary capsules are recommended by The Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, and ANVISA.

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