5 Things to Look for in a good Dentist

Spare a thought for your poor dentist. Studies carried out by the Pankey Institute of Miami showed that dentists are more prone to stress and unhappiness in their job than many other professions, and that dentists are far more likely to have a heart attack than the general population. It can be stressful to be a dentist, and it can’t be nice to think that many of your patients actually fear coming to see you, although of course, very few people actually enjoy a visit to the dentist.
The Pankey Institute studies also determined a number of common traits shared by dentists, and these include high levels of compassion and a strong attention to detail. This is good news, since you want your dentist to genuinely care about your oral health, so you know that when a dentist recommends a certain procedure it’s because they actually think you need it, and not because they want a few extra dollars. So while it can be safely assumed that your dentist does in fact care about your teeth, what are some other qualities you should be looking for in a dentist?
  1. Creates a Good First Impression
You should feel welcomed when you arrive at a dental clinic, and this covers the actual welcome you receive from office staff and the dentist, as well as the impression that the clinic gives. The clinic should be clean and modern, with an air of efficiency to inspire confidence in patients.
Dental Assistant
  1. Highly Knowledgeable
You want your dentist to have the answers. When you speak to your dentist, you want to have all your concerns explained away, as well as being presented with other treatment options that you might not have considered. A good dentist can take the greatest fears of a patient and calmly explain why it’s really nothing to be worried about.
  1. Has a Magic Touch
A great dentist can carry out highly complex procedures with the lightest of touches. You might not even be aware just what’s going on in your mouth because the dentist really is that gentle. This also involves offering adequate sedation for more invasive treatments.
  1. Doesn’t Break the Bank
When you see how long and detailed the process to qualify as a dentist can be, you won’t find their prices to be so high. Having said that, there are many price variations among dentists, and a lower price isn’t necessarily an indicator of lower quality. Many patients are discovering the cost benefits of going to other countries for treatment, and Hungary is becoming a market leader with the cost of dental services in Budapest being as much as 70% lower than other countries.
  1. Has a Passion for Your Teeth
Dentistry is not one of those professions that a person just “falls into,” and a huge amount of dedication is required. Your dentist should be passionate about working with you to get your teeth in the best shape possible, and this includes discussing aspects of oral hygiene you might not be aware of, and should want to educate you in every way they can.