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Thursday, 21 September 2017

'I might end up quitting the bloggingshpere’ - Henry Ijogu

Interview with the well known Tech Multi-niche blogger Henry Ijogu of  today dated 21st September 2017.

     Few months back, a popular Tech blogger name Henry Ijogu decided to quit blogging due to unpalatable condition. His costly decision leads to our interview with him and he made known to us the reasons behind his decision.

   To God be the glory, he latter came back to his senses of which I assume was after much thinking and after considering the disadvantages of his costly decision.{lol}

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   But to our greatest surprise, as at now HENRY IJOGU’S FEET ARE STILL SHAKING IN THE BLOGGING WORLD.
We at interviewed him and he made us understand that he might end-up quitting the bloggingshpere.

Scroll down to read the interview;

Henry:Good to hear that sir…. So how far, for the past 8 days, what have been happening, any news about bloggers?

Prince:  bro market just dey stagnant ni oo, except for those of you AdSense publishers expecting payment today

Henry: Lolz u kwa…

Continue after the commercial break

Prince: Busy, Busy, busy all the time

Henry: Lol, I might end up not blogging sef

 Prince: Why na? I don’t really get your point

Henry: no one can understand….

Prince: Biko, let me understand nah

Henry: It will be glaring later when its time, as at now not sure yet

Prince: So you mean you might later end up quitting the blogging world?

Henry: Yea... So it all depends on out it comes out.
          Might endup programming android apps and games

Prince: Humm… Nice vision

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Please what do you see to this Blogger’s decision? Your comments will be highly appreciated.


1 comment:

  1. Hummm....

    Nice vision, but bro, you need to think twice oo


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