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Friday, 1 September 2017

President Muhammadu Buhari Is Not Capable Of Ruling Nigeria. Prince Ooye's said

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    Good morning my fellow Nigerian, it’s quit an age I have posted on this category, I just woke up this morning, and then I begin to brainstorm about the current situation of my beloved country. Then I decided to pick my pen with a jotter and start writing....

  A blissful country, a country personally blessed by God but apparently seems to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Nigeria is one of the tough and poorest country in the world. One of the major problem we are facing here in Nigeria is Leadership problem, we don’t have a steady leader. Yes! We simply don't have a leader.

  Now let’s take our President (Mohammadu Buhari) as a case study. This man is just too too old for his current position in the country. He is too old to handle a stubborn, tough and corrupt country like Nigeria. Imagine, an ailing country with an ailing leader what do you expect from such country? Absolutely Nothing!
    I know at this point some will say anti-Buhari is here. No! This is not the matter of anti Buhari or so, this is a thing we all need to look into…..

Gen Muhammadu Buhari Is Not Mentally Capable Of Ruling Nigeria
Gen Muhammadu Buhari Is Not Health-wise Capable Of Ruling Nigeria.

Reasons President Mohammadu Buhari Is Not Capable of Ruling Nigeria

Judging from the issues currently surrounding the country, here are my reasons President Buhari is not capable of ruling Nigeria.
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Let’s consider his credential as the first point of view;
  I know some will say this Guy is trying to dig-out dead matters, but I know what am saying and I know what am trying to stress out. The point isn’t a matter of digging dead matters but clarity and credibility.

  This so called president's certificate is in doubt. Did he truly have the certificate that we have only heard about but not seen? This is a junction whereby we really need to review again and again.
Is that the kind of leader Nigeria needs at this current situation?
Is a man with doubting and controversial credentials really fit to lead a controversial country like Nigeria!

  His government is probably the most unprepared government in the history of Nigeria. Imagine a government that took good six (6) months to announce its ministers. What type of government is that?
Its always a thing that sadden my heart that President Buhari does not appear to have plans for the country in any form, he also seems to believe he can work alone or with one or two associates to fix the country, which simple can't be!

  Believe me or not, Goodluck Jonathan is one of the best president Nigeria has ever had, but unfortunately we don’t value him, but rather send him parking. Idowu Israel says and I quote “Ebele Goodluck Jonathan  should have been a great and successful politician if he were to be a politician in another country President Goodluck Jonathan had did so much for Nigeria.
He established federal universities in states where they do not exist, road maintenance and the likes. But yet we seem not to be satisfied with his mode of governance. Anyway, Yoruba often say a woman appreciates her husband better when she test two homes.
  Mind you, am not trying to criticize Buhari at this junction, As a matter of fact, Gen. Buhari is an elderly man, a man with vision, he is ambitious indeed but apparently appear not to have the mental capability to rule Nigeria.
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  The President has spent a huge amount of money on several trips abroad. He has embarked on over 37 foreign trips since he emerged the office. What for? This same President (Muhammadu Buhari) who has visited multiple foreign countries has never deamed it fit within himself to visit nearby states, even if not more than 15 states out of 36.
Not all problem can be sole outside Nigeria. Travelling around the globe won't bring the solution we need. We need to look within first before seeking help from international communities.

   I pray for President Muhammadu Buhari always, but do you know how many poor and sick Nigerians can be treated with the thousands of pounds and dollars he had spent on transportation abroad?
Today, hundreds of poor Nigerians are starving to death. They could have been rescued with a fraction of that money. Today hundreds of women die in child birth. They could have gone to a clinic and their lives saved with a fraction of that money. Today, hundreds of infants die of malnutrition. Only a percentage of that money could have saved them.
Nigeria is hungry! We need food, we need steady electricity supply, we need job, we need good road e.t.c but it seems our so called president is not seeing these aforementioned angles.
According to Abraham Maslow  ‘Putting a cat before the horse would definitely jeopardise the cart, the horse and even everything in the cart and even the rider of the horse, but this man PMB is simple putting the cart before the horse. Could it be that he’s not familiar with Abraham Maslon’s theory of needs?
Oh!     I forgot, his credentials are even so controversial
Now I see, this is the more reason 82% of Nigerian are wishing him dead.
What an unprepared and budget-less Governments!
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   The international community are really really lamenting on his apparent lack of ideas to improve Nigeria.
   The same set of people who supported him during the election are now turning their back at him, those media group that supported him during his election are now regretting and gnashing their teeth in pain.
Do you remember that man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja all because of Buhari's victory? The man is now regretting his action.

   It seems the only thing our so called president is after is corruption; he only faces the issue of corruption yet the situation of the country is getting worse every day.
Why? It shouldn’t be!
The fight against corruption should carry on with even more intensity but should not be the sole purpose of the government.
  Don’t forget that the reason we role another person into power is because we assume the previous administration has done bad and we elect new person to make a positive change, PMB told us he cant stop blaming the worse of the pervious administration. That is not what we elected him for {Blame Game}
No! We expect him to make things better, but he is there fighting corruption headlong. Don’t forget clergies such as Matthew Ashimolowo was even forced to write to him to reduce the percentage of his focus on fighting corruption so as to give attention to other things.
You don’t say you are fighting corruption when your people are dying.
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Chief Bisi Akande says and I quote
"This is not Nigeria of 1993, he stressed. 
We are in a new national and global era of constitutionalism and order. We hope Nigerians have enough patience to learn from history. The health of the leader is intricately intertwine with the health of the Nation."
My greatest fear, however, is that the country should not be allowed to slide into anarchy and disorder of a "monumental proportion." 
One of the major problem facing Nigerians is we fail to learn from history

  Ever since his inception as president, power supply in the country has reduced drastically. No strategy to improve it.
Why? How do we expect him to provide solution when he doesn’t even stay in the country? Do you expect him to ignore his health and start facing Nigeria issues? No! He will have to treat himself first.

   Nigeria is facing unprecedented setback, Naira losing value and at this critical time our so called president has nothing good to offer. See, the simple truth is Nigerian are tired of listening to stories, we need action! It is now I believe that Fela Kuti was a great prophet in his days.

Reno says and I quote
"The President is a ruler and not a leader.
Let me explain the difference between a ruler and a leader. A ruler is a person in authority because of an office he/she holds and who maintains himself in that office by catering to the needs of his/her loyalists.
A leader on the other hand is a person in authority because of his or her or character traits which others find attractive and thus follow him as a result   and who continues to expand his or her influence and authority by catering to the needs of everyone in his or her team or sphere of influence"

The current situation in Nigeria presently, is more to say that we have no president.
What is the value of a government that can’t help his people out in an unpalatable situation? What is the value of a President that abscond from duty and taking refuge in a London Hospital, talking to US president but refusing to talk to Nigerians...
Why are we crying for international help when we claim to have a good leader?
I think we need to be sincere with ourself at this junction; we need to stop deceiving ourselves!
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All the time, Buhari is sick, Buhari is sick; they keep telling us series of stories upon story, what is wrong? What is really the problem?
PS: Am not saying he shouldn’t treat his heath oo, but the naked truth is an ailing man cannot rule this nation successfully!

I head Buhari is back and everybody is jubilating, kikikikiki, I laugh in china.
Not that am sad with his return, as a matter of fact, I love President Mohammadu Buhari and I also love the way he returned to time.

Why is it that he came back when the Resume or Resign protest begin? Or why is it that he came back to the Sala period?
You know the funniest part of the whole show, we don’t think in this country. Like seriously, it seems our reasoning faculty is too low.

Do you want me to tell you the plain truth? Buhari will be going back soon. Yes, he only came for Sala, he is not healthy to stay in Nigeria for medical treatment i.e he will be going back as soon as he is done with his mission.

   Now let’s consider it very well; what do we expect from someone that we call our president and he doesn’t live with us? Absolutely nothing. Even Jesus lived among his brethren. Even, the holy books say thou shall not forsake the gathering of thy brethren. When he doesn’t live among us how can he feel what we are passing true? He simply can’t!

Okay let’s see it this way;
Acting president should travel to India for treatment; Governors and senates should also travel for treatment and let’s see how far this country will go.
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PS: Am not saying leader shouldn’t go abroad for body treatment, but the fact is an ailing leader is not fit to rule a country like Nigeria. Those that are hail and healthy did it, they are unable to lift up the banner to the expected state, how much more a sick person. He can’t have time for us, he will rather face his health.
Nigeria’s current situation needs serious attention.
You can’t aim at two rats at a time, you rather focus on one or you end up losing the two!
Bisi Akande says and I quote “The health of the leader is intricately intertwine with the health of the Nation."
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Conclusivelly: My advice to the President is the same advice that former President Olusegun Obasanjo gave to the nation on Wednesday January 20, 2010.
On that day, former President Obasanjo said:
“If you take up an appointment, or a job, elected, appointed or whatever and then your health starts failing you, and you will not be able to satisfy yourself and the people you are supposed to serve, then, there is a part of honour and a part of morality and if you don’t do that, I do not need to say more than that.”
What more can I add to that than to say who the cap fits, let him wear it!

God  Bess  The  Federal  Republic  Of  Nigeria.

Still your humble boy: Prince Ooye’s

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