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Divorce Your Wife If She Has No Womb’ – Apostle Suleman Gives Reasons For Marriage Dissolution

Controversial televangelist, Apostle Suleman has said if a marriage is contracted on falsehood, divorce is not a crime in the sight of God.
The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman over the weekend gave some reasons why a marriage can be dissolved.
According to him, any man that is impotent or a woman who has no womb and gets married without telling the truth before the marriage is a liar, and divorce in that situation is not a sin.
Suleman is quoted as saying:

“People pretend and live in bondage but I will say the truth the way it is, you entered a marriage with someone who has told you a destiny lie. A lady has no womb and hid it from you, a man is impotent and never told, and you entered a marriage with each other, please get out.
“Because before the sight of God that is not marriage that is deception, it is not divorce.
“What I am saying here is that he or she did not tell you before marriage but if he or she did and you decide to pray about it then it’s not an issue but when he or she lies about it then it is deception, get out of that marriage.” 
Watch the video below…

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