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Monday, 4 September 2017


The question lots of women ask me is "how do i know when a man is serious or just out to have intimacy with me". For starters, i guess i should let

you know right now that about 70% to 80% of the men a woman dates in her life time will be interested in one thing only, "intimacy". So how do you know which percentage just want intimacy and what percentage want a serious relationship? Here are five
signs that give you a clue into whether or not a man is serious about you.
1. He doesn't rush the intimacy issue. When a man is making too much fuss about intimacy in the beginning chances are that's all he is really interested
in is S*x.
2. He is not always asking you for money. When a guy is always asking you for money he is probably dating you for what he can get from you and not for love.
He always has time for you. When a man loves you he will always have time for you. when a man starts to give the excuse of being too busy to call you or see you then he really isn't all that into you.
3. He wont return your calls. If he often returns your calls then its very likely that its the real thing. on the other hand if you have to call him 10times for him to call you once then you are not that special woman in his life.

4. He sparkles when you are together. When a mans countenance brightens up and its clear to you that he is happy to see you whenever you visit him or
he visits you then it just might be love. this is especially important when he still acts this way after
months of dating (like 8 months).
5. His actions show that he want you to become a part of his life. A man in love wants to spend time with you, go out on weekends with you, be with you
as much as possible and almost doesn't seem to have time for any other thing or person than you. when your man says he loves you but prefers to spend Saturday morning watching last years FA CUP football finals between Chelsea and Manchester united (or whatever) instead of spending it with you on a romantic outing to some exotic place then it may be a sign that you really don't rank that highly on his scale of priority and you really might have to think again.

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