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Friday, 1 September 2017

Fate Of Nigeria And Its Citizen Under The Administration Of President Mohammed BuhariIn Years To Come

Article writen by Prince Ooye’s

Good-day my fellow Nigerian,
Here I am again, as you all know, whenever I surface in this form, am here to discuss a very important issue pertaining my beloved country.
This time around am not here to condemn anybody, am only here to open our eyes to one or two things we need to know about what we are currently facing in this country and what we are likely going to meet in the nearest future.Fate of Nigeria and its citizen under the administration of President mohammed Buhari

I don’t even know where to start….

This topic was given to me by a good friend of mine Henry Ijogu by name, C.E.O @

Few days back, when I received this topic
Fate of Nigeria and its citizen under the administration of President mohammedbuhariI began to reason within myself;

Nigerian &Buhari
What is really the problem?
Where is the problem really coming from?
Why is every one wishing this man dead or resign?
Why is every body saying all sort of bad word to his administration?
Must anybody die before this country can be a better and safe place to live?

At first, I intend rejecting the topic but I latter come to think about it, then I decided to pick my pen…

I promise to be real and sincere in this article.
With the situation currently surrounding this country, dear reader we have no future.My greatest fearis,Nigeria mightturn out to be one of the worst or even the poorest country in the world in few years to come.

On the 29th of May, 2015, President Buhari was sworn in as the president of Nigeria. To some Nigerians, he is our messiah, while to others, he is not. On social media, there have been series of argument between his followers and his antagonists. The antagonists have often found one mistake or another, and they have even labeled the administration a failure before he begins.

As I have said earlier, am not here to condemn anybody today, I will also try to be careful and constructive in my criticism.

Opps! Did I just mention criticism?
Well, if so, all well are good.

As a matter of fact President MohammaduBuhariis an elderly man, a man with vision, he is ambitious indeed but there are something missing in his mode of governance.
To be candid and sincere, this old man is trying his best but his best is not yet the best.

Sincerely speaking, his administration was somehow bad. Even in opposition, I try my best to be charitable to this government; I have been constructive in my criticism. Yes, the government has made some progress in some areas in the country, but his administration is just too poor.
In a presidential sit,lot of things isinvolved.For you to be successful as a president lot of things are involve, but it’s a pity today that our beloved presidentis not aware of this fact. He is only doing things in his own way.
President Buhari’s administration does not appear to have plans for the country in any form.
Most of his campaign promises have been jettisoned for partisan politics especially on Fuel Subsidy and Economy policies.
One year after the historic election victory, President Buhari and his APC stalwarts are still blaming the woes of the country on the 16 years administration of the PDP Party. This is normal and they have every right to, but the story is getting tiresome and Nigerians are getting impatient with the lack of progress from the current regime.
Now the question is when will he fulfill all these promises he made to us?
This old story is getting tiresome and we are getting impatient. We need action!
Expectations were high when President Muhammadu Buhari came on board and we had hoped that he would hit the ground running immediately he enters the office.

Continute Reading after the comercial break

As said earlier, I will be real with my writings here; we don’t need to deceive ourselves again, we have suffered enough in this country; for the past two years this so called president of ours had emerged office….here is still a lot of goodwill from him, but this is quickly fading as we hear the distant drums of the 2019 election.

Since inception of his administration, power generation in the country has reduced drastically despite hike in electricity tariffs by DISCOS and Power Minister, Babatunde Raji Fashola. Even though power generation was reported to be at its peak of 5074MW early this year, yet the country witnessed total blackout for some hours, holding to zero MW.
The soul of a country lies with her government.

Judging from the issues currently surrounding the country, I have successfully gathered numbers of reason Nigeria has no future under the administration of President MohammedBuhariIn Years To Come

1.     First president with Nepa bill certificate{Lol}
2.     Without looking outside what the President and his party promised Nigerians before they were elected in 2015, let’s look at what they promised: instead of creating jobs for unemployed youths, jobs have been lost; companies are folding up, all form of diseases around the country?
3.     Introducing change begins with him by absconding from duty and taking refuge in a London Hospital
4.     Talking to US president but refusing to talk to Nigerians
5.     Epileptic power supply only Fashola' house receives the so called 4000MW. 24 hours Zero Electricity supplies to the nation. giving us full dependence on generators.
6.     No performing sector among all the departments and ministries.
7.     Destruction of all the achievements and successes of the last administration.Ask the President, Where is NAFDAC today? What of the Agric policies anchored by last administration?
8.     Bring high cost of living to Nigerians
9.     What about making $1 equal to #560
10.              Abi division of the country into 5% and 98%

Amidst these entire aforementioned problems our president is still aspiring to contest for 2019 election.

Lemme no talk too much. As I have said earlier, I will try to be careful and constructive with my sayings.

To see clearly is prophecy. More so, you need to see far into the future. You need survival skills before you start the journey. So far, it is evident that Mr. Buhari was never prepared for the journey. Didn’t see where he was headed.
Many writers and critics offered free help to our so called president to enable him realize and appreciate that leadership position is not a spectator position. Volumes have been written to intimate MrBuhari with the complaints, concerns, and expectations of our people. But it seems he is not seeing from this angle.

“People wanted change, that word was not just a slogan, it was a promise.” Wole Soyinka said

No change will happen to a “government of change” if Buharihimself did not change.Poverty will continue to ravage the land on a scale and extent we’ve never seen before. No good paying jobs will be created. Electricity will remain the greatest demon on the infrastructural grid. Economic resurgence will be a tantalizing mirage.The economy will remain dormant and dead. There will be ceasefire on the War of Corruption.

Anyone that believes the present government can make any tangible change in the rest years of its administration is to me a big FOOL.

The Megatons of prayer power generated every day in this country has never helped Nigeria in any way.
So why would prayer make a difference now ?
Repeating same act over and over again, while expecting a different outcome each time is the clinical definition of insanity.
What we need is for us to first get our heads out of this insane bubble, and then think rationally on how to confront our numerous problems.

Enough of these prayers!
Prayer or No prayer the fact still remains that we have a leader who is clueless of what to do. The economy is running away to the artic region of the world and all we can hear is "I need prayer to give good governance"
One thing am sure of is that, one day God in his infinite mercy will save Nigeria from all the leaders who say we are the future and they refuse to treat us well.

The change Nigerians expected from the last election is not forthcoming, the Buhari’s administration is bringing Nigeria backward.

As if this is not enough; your beloved president, opps, sorry, our beloved president is still aspiring to contest for 2019 election!
What is he looking for again? Did he want to finish this country?

Feel free to contribute your own point of view, your comment is highly welcome.

Buhari worshipers don vex.
Biko, make una no vex ehn… This is not me oo, na Henry send me all this oo
I think I have to quickly run for my dear life before they come and carry me here.....

Still your humble boy    PrinceOoye’s

Bear with me all grammatical errors here; I don’t even edit it before posting it

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