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Gift Ogo Sets To Award Scholarship To Students


    The CEO of on Tuesday morning 3rd September 2017announced his one year free scholarship programme to the (JSS2) students of Ime Obi Secondary School Agbor Delta state, He stated that the reasons for the scholarship is to appreciate those who are seriously studying and for them to inspire others, he added that he is not that rich to award students scholarship but he is doing it for others to emulate those who are serious in learning.
GIFT OGO is a student of Delta state university Agbor campus and one of the STUDENTS TEACHERS in ime obi secondary school Agbor Delta state.

   WuJrHe said that his first supervision in ime obi secondary school stands as first test for the students to qualify while the second supervision stands as second test before he will finally conduct the main exam base on all he has previously taught them to know if they are really following, he also promised to come to ime obi secondary school next year for his (400L) final year teaching practice (TP) and to check the students performance for him to extend the scholarship programme to another year of learning, with some of the information we gathered, we noticed that he also rewarded the students who answered question for his first supervision and also those that make attempt but were not given the opportunity to answer, ime obi secondary school students and teachers described GIFT OGO as an Example of the youth they want in our society, a youth who understands the feelings of the less previledged, a model for other youths to emulates, a God fearing youth with good moral principles.

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