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The top five reasons you should choose the itel p51

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Everyone knows that itel is a household name in the area of mobile phones.Below i have five good and unarguably genuine reasons you should get an itel p51

  • THE BIG BATTERY:The battery of the itel p51 is not one to joke with,It boasts of a 5000 mah battery capacity.With a full charge this can take you up to 3 days without getting low.
  • 8MP BACK CAMERA :The back camera is awesome and    takes good shots of your memorable moments!

  •  OPERATING SYSTEM:The operating system if this device is the latest android 7.0 nougat which consists of  so many awesome features like the notifications bar,the split screen view(using two apps on the same screen at the same time!).the android nougat is the latest google experiment,so I see no reason why you should syill be without an itel p51.
 Image result for itel p51
  • MEMORY:This is an important factor when it comes to buying a new android phone,you might be the type who fishes just any fancy app from the google play store,and here comes your problem, no memory!,but the itel p51 takes c are of this by giving you a 16 gigabyte rom which is expandable to 32 gig,now isn't  that awesome?
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  • THE SCREEN(DISPLAY):The screen of the itel p51 is a very big one and boasts of a whooping 5.5 display area which allows you to watch movies,play games,surf the net with great viewing experience.

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