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Saturday, 18 November 2017

10 Ways you can stop your lover for cheating,if you can do number 1,5,9 and 10,They`ll never cheat on you

Cheating in relationships is rampant. We can assume most partners will cheat at some point in a committed relationship. Why? I’m going to answer that question a number of ways, and then teach you how to guard against it happening.
1. Be willing to initiate s*`x.
2. Be open to experimentation.
3. Don't over-accomodate.
4. Don't become too controlling.
5. Make sure he knows how much you appreciate him.
6. Let him have time to himself.
7. Be aware of your emotions.
8. Prioritize your relationship.
9. Try to be good in be*d

10. Be ready to do romantic things, be a good kisser and always leave good memory with your partner all the time. Do romantic things that will get her thinking and smiling, i swear nobody will touch your design food.
Please couples listen,Now you know he is a cheat; the next thing is for you to find out why he is cheating on you. Are you denying him something; or is he just insatiable? Are his friends responsible for this? Could you tell if he had always been like that – may be you knew but decided to manage him, hoping you will change him? Is he trying to get your attention; or is he drowning in the much you are providing? Or worst still is he just a perpetual cheat…an uncommitted brute? Whatever; when you find out why, stop everything you are doing that had encouraged or is encouraging his habit.

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