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Monday, 20 November 2017

These 5 Things you shouldn't do when asking a girl out ''Toasting a girl''

The issue of men asking ladies out has always been in practice since the very beginning; men often find means of making women fall for them by coming up with sweet lines or by doing something to impress them. We would also not overrule the fact that some women could be intimidating and could throw some of the men off-balance. Some men simply falter because they do not know how to react to some women’s responses and end up looking funny.
1. The way they dress
Some guys do dress funnily and could be likened to clowns; they look rough and unkempt in ways that could turn off responsible women. Some sag their trousers to the knee level and wear torn jeans also. To complete the style of dressing, they have bandanas tied on their heads and also have one arm of their shirt rolled up with the other arm down. Now tell me, what exactly are they? Touts? No responsible woman would trip for men like that in this century when they are not on the set for some old-school movie. If the women laugh in this case, you really cannot blame them. The guys would also have to laugh if they have to see their own reflection.
2. Stuttering Some men approach women with rehearsed lines they picked up from their friends who have skills in doing things like that. Now we know what could happen when you are on stage for a play, you could end up missing your lines or forgetting them completely. When this happens, most of the guys do not know where to start from as they might have said the wrong thing from their crammed lines. If the women they are trying to ask outfall within the category of the intelligent ones who are usually tough, they may make it harder for them and embarrass them the more.
3. Telling lies when the women know better
Another way men embarrass themselves in front of women is by lying. Why do they need to lie in the first place? A woman that would like you will do irrespective of the things you say, but when men overdo it, it becomes a turn off. Some women go out of their ways to let the men realize they know what is going on and embarrass them in the process.

4. When they set out to impress the women
Most guys do all they can to make the women see them in a different light by being over-zealous in their dressing. Some women would never say yes to men who approach them with bling-bling and chains; the only time they could be swayed is when the chains on them are made of pure gold and not the iron they always seem to have around them. As a matter of fact, how many men do we see in the corporate world dressed like that? These could be funny to the women and could make them lash out on the men.
5. Acting immature
Some men get embarrassed when women school them due to the immature behaviour they put up. They either go out of line or do things one would not expect from any man. Some women watch out for men like these and end up lashing them with words. Also, some men do not know when to keep quiet or let things go, they would rather exchange words with the women until the women down grade them

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