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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Do you think this frighteningly Sex Doll can replace your girlfriend?

Sex doll is now one of the current and latest gist in Nigeria. A few days ago, raunchy pictures of a female version of the sex dolls started making rounds on the internet with many Nigerians and celebrities alike criticizing the trend while others are of the opinion that it is worthwhile.

When it comes to the bedroom, we're all for promoting a healthy curiosity (if you haven't tried one of these penis-friendly sex toys, it's about time you gave it a shot) and even embracing new trends (we're looking at you, astral sex converts).

But there's one increasingly popular trend we haven't made our mind up about just yet: frighteningly realistic sex dolls, like the ones sold by Sexy Real Sex Doll. (The name says it all, no?) You can file this one under the same, ever-expanding category as these hyper-sexualized robots of the future.
[caption id="attachment_556" align="aligncenter" width="236"]Do you think this frighteningly Sex Doll can replace your girlfriend? Do you think this frighteningly Sex Doll can replace your girlfriend?[/caption]

These silicone beauties are high-tech (some can simulate orgasms, flirt with you, and even be made to feel warm like real skin), very expensive (easily more than $2,000), and totally customizable down to the eye color (and other things).

While there are probably plenty of guys (many of whom rely on the company's promise of discreet shipping) who use and enjoy these lifelike dolls, there are many who have taken issue with the concept on Twitter:
So before the next time you're with a real woman, you might want to brush up on our dirty-talk do's and don'ts and these sex tips that practically guarantee her orgasm. Because your dream girl shouldn't be an inanimate object.


  1. These things makes me really really annoying. If it were up to me i'd say burn them all.. All of em!

    And any guy that uses a sex doll to have sex isn't a real guy!! he should have his genitals cut off and given to a woman

    1. Oh.. this girl is really really angry, it's like she's worried that a sex doll will snatch her boyfriend. Anyways, I hate the thing shaa and the people that created it has lost their minds

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