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Prince Ooye's

I am Oyedokun Victor popularly known as Prince Ooye's  C.E.O at
Am a young and upcoming blogger, a real hustler, a guy with the primary aim of working hard in other to make life pay, people call me a crazy writer. I love writing articles, I love what I do, I aim higher even higher than my age because one thing a belief in life is that my beginning is not my becoming, my condition is not my conclusion, the fact that am here does not mean i can't be be there one thing that is constant with me is that I've a great amount of perseverance to achieve my goal, my optimistic and planned approach in things I do is whats driving me towards my success.

I love my dear country {Nigeria} and I love my home town. One of my aim in life is to be one of the top bloggers NOTE: When am talking about 'top' I mean TOP on top bloggers.


Things I Love Doing:

    When I'm not busy blogging you'll probably find me writing, reading, designing, chatting or learning.
This post is yet to be completed if I don't mention a good boss of mine, my backbone, my mentor, my every thing as far as blogging is concern, a person of Abdulmumeen A Olagold C.E.O at I had always been talking of him, and this place will not be exceptional.
Abdulmmumeen A Olagold is a passionate, optimistic and dedicated guy who takes up responsibilities with utmos enthusiasm and see to it as a complete task and assignment in time. If things go out of control or out of track he go extra mile and comtribute his efforts in getting things done on time. Infact I love him so much, he is an 'humble guru' with lot of things but sees himself as a needy.
If you have anything in mind feel free to get in touch with me on any of the following:
   Facebook: Prince Ooye's
   Whatsapp: +234 (90) 23468320
   Email To: [email protected]

I remain my humble self Prince Ooye's


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